HP Magic Giveaways Day 1

So, today starts the giveaways for the HP Magic giveaway spectacular.  (They should be paying me for doing all this advertising, but they aren’t)  There are three sites that are starting their giveaways today.  There’s a calendar for when all 50 are going live if you’re interested.

The three going live today are:

  • Bleeping Computer.  Relatively easy to enter.  Register for forums, fill out a form and agree to their rules.  Easy rules, basically saying you won’t sell items and you have to give away some of the items.
  • Gear Live. Pretty simple, sign up on the site, use twitter to send a message then leave comment on post.  A couple chances to get bonus entries as well.  Gotta be signed in to get to the post it seems, so you might have to go to gearlive.com and start there by registering.
  • Windows Connected. Also relatively easy to enter.  Send a really short email to them explaining what you’ll do with it all and agree not to sell it and also agree to share some of it.

Thus far, I’ve only entered the Bleeping Computer giveaway.  Mostly because it really was that easy.  It also looks like if you win one of these prizes, you automatically become ineligible for any of the rest of them.  Not a big deal really since one should be enough.  Here’s hoping I have to worry about that rule…

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