IE Security Risk Prompts Calls to Switch Browsers

My first question would have been, Why haven’t you switched already?  ;)  Seriously, for all my readers who use Internet Explorer, there was a major security flaw exposed recently.  A security advisor at Trend Micro suggests that, until it is fixed, you switch to another browser.  I would suggest you give Firefox a try, but there are others such as Opera, Chrome, and Safari.

Richard Cox, chief information officer of anti-spam body The Spamhaus Project and an expert on privacy and cyber security, echoed Trend Micro’s warning.

“It won’t be long before someone reverse engineers this exploit for more fraudulent purposes. Trend Mico’s advice [of switching to an alternative web browser] is very sensible,” he said.

Microsoft is working on an emergency patch to fix the vulnerability, but until then, it is suggested that you don’t use the IE browser at all.

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  1. Really, an exploit in IE… that’s unexpected :p

    I do normally use IE actually, only yesterday converted to Chrome and liking it so far.

  2. Switching browsers of course would only ever be a short term solution as the problem lies with the majority of people “hacking” the most popular browser. If FireFox gained an 80% market share then with it you would see a change in tide with “hackers” looking for exploits there instead.

  3. IE is the worst browser but I still use it on testing themes… IE 8 is even worst… Those activex controls always hurt our customers who knows little about computers..

  4. I think firefox is the best browser.
    I haven’t tried chrome yet anyway.


  5. Well I agree with Barbara. Firefox is a good browser and chrome is good too.Chrome is built keeping each and everything in mind but it has to try hard to catch up with its competitors.

  6. I love firefox for all the add-ins.. I see IE8 is trying to catch on with the trend.. I’m just sick of seeing built into the browser even when I choose Google as my default search! anyone else having the same problem?

    Microsoft-opoly at it again