Tool to See Competitors Adwords Keywords

I got pinged this evening on a new free tool that has been floating around. It’s a plugin for firefox called PPCSpy. Basically, you install it in firefox, and it puts a little icon down in the lower right corner of your page.

Turn the plugin on by clicking on the icon and do a google search for your desired niche. You’ll see a bunch of green boxes pop up under the adwords ads. Click those boxes and you get a sampling of the keywords that that advertiser is using.

With the free version, you only get to see the first 10 keywords, but there are levels of paid use that allow for 50 and 100 keywords. There’s plenty of other features as well that make it well worth picking up for free if you do any PPC work. Or at least at first glance.

I’ll be giving it a bit of a test drive over the next few weeks.

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  1. i saw this blogged about on another site as well, i like how it gives the analytics and costs associated with the keywords, a good tool if you do a lot of marketing but probably overkill for the basic site owner

  2. Hi, yes I just downloaded it the plug-in — very cool and saves a lot of time too. Should really help out people who are new to seo. Have you heard or tried out


  3. Awesome. Just started a new PPC campaign just to try out this plugin. Thanks for the tip.

  4. I normally use google trends to find keywords never tried this maybe I should give it a try, thanks

  5. Thanks for the information…I’m going to give it a try too! I’ll let you know how it goes.

  6. Awesome tool, thanks for sharing, I just have to figure how much my competitors are paying for their adwords terms.

    Dave Williams.

  7. It works well but relies on a database similar to affiliate elite (i guess they are using the same database). I prefer tracking on my own like with ppc kahuna. However, since ppc web spy is free it’s worth checking it out for sure.

  8. I like this! exactly what I was looking for. And I trust Firefox to boot.

  9. Johnny Cokes says

    Are the ten keywords that are given random?