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What Constitutes a Debt Cure?

If you ask Kevin Trudeau, a “Debt Cure” (especially a Debt Cure he wants you to know about), is merely a collection of information designed to help you rid yourself of debt.  Perhaps that is true.  But what information and at what pace?

Trudeau’s book talks about legalities and ways to get the companies to either completely write-off your debt, or significantly decrease the balance.  Sounds nice, and it might get rid of your debt faster, but in the end, it only leads to more debt.  Making those agreements with your creditors gets reported to the credit bureaus and can have a rather severe affect on your credit score.  And if you get the easy way out, your much more likely to get yourself right back in that problem.

So, what exactly is a debt cure then?  In a previous post, I suggest reading the book “Total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramsey.  I still suggest that, as it is still the foremost book in legally and responsibly getting yourself out of debt.  And I have to think that the odds of recurrence are much smaller after having gone through Dave’s TMMO than following the advice of  Kevin Trudeau.

The only way to truly cure debt is to properly educate yourself on the way that personal finance works and take positive action towards your personal finance goals.  Taking responsibility for the debt that you’ve incurred is a good step, but you also have to formulate a plan for paying it off and keeping it off.

If you’re interested in learning more about personal finance, I write at another site called Beating Broke and you’re welcome to stop by and read for a while.  I’ve also written a Free guide to your credit score and how it works that you can get at Beating Broke.  Please come take a look and begin your journey to being debt responsible.

Is Twitter Almost Done?

It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long since I started using  In fact, it really hasn’t been that long.  But there is a whole lot of talk about the effect of a couple of big stories that have revolved around the web service.  Most notably, the smackdown that Ashton Kutcher gave CNN and the recent joining of the queen of daytime talk, Oprah.

The biggest bit of talk is whether those two stories mean that twitter has officially gone mainstream or not.  On top of that, if it has gone mainstream, will that be the beginning of its demise as the geek core that made it famous begin an exodus?  As to the mainstream question, I think it has, or nearly has gone mainstream.  Will that mean the end of it?  Not likely.

People said the same thing when Facebook opened up their doors to people without .edu email addresses.  The rabble was let in, they said.  The younger users will flock away to competitors like myspace.  In fact, Facebook has grown exponentially since then. 

Twitter will also grow exponentially.  Or should anyways.  It has to try and keep up with the growth.  Something that twitter hasn’t been doing so well with in recent months.  The fail whale has become a rather regular occurance.  Further, geeks aren’t going to exodus from twitter.  There will always be a bigger, fancier, better service to come along.  Some will bleed off the edge to those services, but a majority of the people who use twitter now, realize it’s usefullness and will continue to use it.

Feel free to explore those other services, you wouldn’t want to wait a few years to join the next twitter like I did. 😉

In case you missed it, I can be found on twitter at

Review: Sailing to Sarantium & Lord of Emperors

The Sarantine Mosaic, a Duology

By Guy Gavriel Kay

I’ve read nearly every book that Kay has written and never been dissapointed.  This series was no exception.  The first book, Sailing to Sarantium, is a bit slow, but once you’ve finished the series, you see the necessity of it.  And once you’ve finished Lord of Emperors, I think you’ll agree with me that the series is one of the great masterpieces of literature in our time.

First, Sailing to Sarantium.  This first book serves mostly as set up for the second book.  Which isn’t to say that it doesn’t stand on it’s own merits.  It’s chock full of the usual impeccable literary skill of Guy Gavriel Kay.   The story is intricately weaved together and leads us from a small chapel into the metropolis of Sarantium.  All the while, we learn about Crispin the mosaicist and follow him on a journey that is filled with beauty, intrigue, and mythos.  This is a wonderful book, with the only detraction being the fact that it is almost entirely a character build for the second half of the duology.

The second half, Lord of Emperors, makes it all worth while.  What was already a great work in character developement becomes a masterpiece.  We continue the journey of Crispin as he learns the subtleties of the courts of Sarantium and the intricacies of the personal relationships outside of those courts.  Tragically, Crispin gets drawn into a story that far exceeds his desires to create his masterpiece and becomes a key player in a story of much grander scale.  Tragic and devine at the same time, Lord of Emperors comes to a conclusion that will leave you wondering how you could have thought it would end otherwise.

If you have ever read any of Kay’s work, and not this series, do yourself the favor and pick it up today.  You can pick it up used off of Amazon for an extremely fair price.  And if you haven’t read any of Kay’s work, what are you waiting for?


As many of you may or may not have noticed, I’ve been a bit absent lately, here.  It was not by design, but I think it was a necessary thing.  It was also extended by the birth of my second child, a wonderful little girl, Madeline Grace.  She spend an extra week in the hospital, so I’ve been slightly distracted over the last few weeks from that.

That, however, is not the reason that it’s gone quiet here.  In the last several years, this site has been searching for an identity.  It’s gone from my personal blog, to a blog on blogging and finally evolving to what it is now, a blog on making money online.  Nevermore.

This site has always been, whether obvious or not, my personal blog.  That is, the personal blog of Shane M. Ede.  It will soon be returning to that capacity.  You’ll be seeing a much higher percentage of personal posts and posts on things that I hold dear.  Reading and writing, but not arithmatic.  Some tech and science fiction.  Some dogs and kids.  And maybe, just maybe, a little making money online and blogging still.  But don’t stick around for that, because I don’t currently have plans for much of it, if any.

In the coming weeks and months, you’ll see (hopefully) this site make a transformation to more clearly reflect this new (old) purpose.  A redesign is highly likely, as is some new graphics, and possibly a bit less advertising.  With the purpose of the blog to be more personal, I don’t think that advertising will have as much of an impact, nor will it likely bring in much money.  So, less clutter perhaps.

And more me.