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Ingested Towels and Hydrogen Peroxide

Not too very long ago, our family expanded by one golden retriever.  We got him as a puppy and he’s not yet old enough to have outgrown that puppy faze.  Which means that he chews on just about anything he can get his jaws on.  Whether he should or not.  We’ve lost numerous pairs of shoes, hundreds (I’m not kidding) of children’s toys, and several pillows for our couch.  The list of things that the dog has eaten is a very long list, and we are still searching for something that he won’t attempt to ingest.

By far, his favorite thing, is dirty baby clothes.  Not necessarily the clothes that have been stained by poop, but those that have been stained by baby food, formula, and slobber.  I’ve lost count of how many onesies we’ve found with the chest area missing because he thought they would make a great snack.

Obviously, that isn’t healthy for him.  Fortunately for him (and us) he’s been able to pass everything that he’s eaten so far.  Or at least we think he has.  Picking up the yard is always a bit of a treasure hunt.  You’ll never know what random thing you’ll find out there.

On several occasions, his eyes have outdone his stomach.  On those occasions, we usually wake up in the middle of the night with a very wet, vomit spot with some article of clothing at it’s epicenter.  It’s not pleasant.  Especially if you find it by stepping on/in it.  Tonight was an occasion where he ate something that his stomach just didn’t like.  Best I can tell with my limited forensic abilities (C.S.I. only teaches you so much, and who has the tools?) he managed to eat several inches of a rope dog toy and about 25% or so of a baby towel.  The rope was probably ok, but when it was combined with the mass of towel, it caused a bit of a problem for him.

Just before bed time, he went outside and proceeded to eat his weight in grass.  It’s a common dog ploy to make themselves vomit.  However, it didn’t seem to be working.  I was beginning to wonder if he was in a bit of trouble.  So, like any good technophile, I did a google search.  For “make a dog vomit”.  Lo and behold!  The google has the cure.  Hydrogen Peroxide.

Now, imagine me taking a squeeze bulb that holds 1 teaspoon, filling it with hydrogen peroxide, and then making my 80 pound golden retriever sit and forcing it down his throat.  Not once, but three times.  According to the resources that I found, that’s only about 1/2 of the recommended dosage for a dog of his size.  But it worked.  I gave it a few minutes to work, and then he took off at a sprint out into the yard and promptly divulged his stomachs secrets.

Then, at 11:30 at night, I used a very small rake from my son’s sandbox to pick up the remnants and huck them over the back fence so that he wouldn’t try and re-ingest the offending items.

These are the things that they don’t tell you when you become a dog owner.  Come to think of it, it’s very similar to becoming a parent.  Everyone is sure to tell you all the obvious pitfalls, but they never mention the other stuff.  It seems that some things you just have to experience…

WordPress 2.8.5 Available, May Break Some Sites

The newest release of WordPress is now available.  After the hullabaloo that surrounded the 2.8.4 release, I figured it would be a good idea to upgrade asap and get it over with before some exploit or another decided to rear it’s ugly head.  I dislike upgrading.   Mostly because the super-uber convenient auto-update feature in WordPress only works in about half of my blogs.  Why?  I don’t know for sure, but my guess would be that it has something to do with the hosts.

In any case, I normally have to download the files and upload them for at least a few of the sites, so I usually just do it for all and have one procedure instead of two.  Easier? No.  But easier on my mind. 😉

Long story short, a fair warning for those of you that haven’t upgraded yet.  It may break your site.  It broke this one for a little while.  In my case, the breakage was due to my storing the WordPress files in a subdirectory and having the actual site in the main directory.  WordPress didn’t update the index.php in the main directory and since there were some changes to the index.php file this go ’round, it wouldn’t load.  After manually replacing the index file with the new one, I then got some nice “file not found” errors from WordPress/PHP.  It was an easy enough fix as well, as all I needed to do was add the subdirectory into the path that it was looking for the files in.  And viola!  One working site done.

Luckily, this is the only site I run that I have set up this way, so I shouldn’t have that problem with any others.  But, for those of you that have sites like that, there’s the fix.  Or, at least, a workaround.

Winter is Coming (Queue Ominous Music)

Lightening in the SnowIt would seem that winter is indeed on it’s way here in the northland.  And after last year’s onslaught, I have to admit to being a little bit worried about it.  We had major blizzards in March and April of last year, which made for a very long spring. The picture at left is of our dog in one such storm.  You can almost make out the snow bank behind him.  It was a snow drift that extended 3 feet above the top of our steps.  All in all, about a 6-7 foot drift.  And when the snow melts?   The river that is across the street was at almost 3 times it’s normal level.  Many of the neighborhoods in the area had sandbag dikes protecting them from flooding and we were in constant danger of the extra water overwhelming the sewer system and leaving us without a sewer.

So, it is with some trepidation that I anticipate winter.  That, and I don’t much care for the -20 temperatures.  Or the -70 wind chills.  Or the feet of snow.  Although the snow wouldn’t be so bad if the city would plow the roads.  It seems that more often than not, they wait for the snow to stop and get completely packed on the road before they plow.  Last year, at the peak, there was a step up from the curb to the street “surface”.  That”s at least 5 inches of build up.  I’ll give them some credit, as last year was a heavy snowfall year, but it’s pretty similar on any other year as well.

Here’s to winter, and here’s to spring, which is always welcome!