Buzz Off, Google Buzz

Like many of you out there, I turned Google Buzz on the second I was able to give it a go. When Google releases a product, it’s a bit like when Apple releases something new. Everybody lines up around the block and camps out for days on the concrete to get their hands on it. And just like those Apple addicts, we all should have just waited for the, ahem, buzz on Buzz to die down.

Turns out, Buzz was a bit of a buzz-kill.  (I’m going overboard on the puns, but I can’t help it.)  First and foremost, it had/has some very serious privacy concerns that caused an uproar among the more intelligent early adopters.  Further, it doesn’t add anything new to the market.  What it did do was tie a few other Google products together along with several of the more popular social apps like Twitter.  Whoopty Do.  There was no significant difference that it brought to the table.  What it really comes down to is Google doing something they don’t usually do.  Playing Catch-up.

As far as Buzz  is concerned, Google is to social media as Microsoft is to Search.  Always the bastard child that’s late to the party.  Everybody knows that you’ll never get to dance with the prom queen that way.  Google needs to go back to being innovative.  I’m beginning to wonder if Google, like Microsoft, hasn’t taken the complacency path for corporate development.  Let everybody else do the hard research and then just buy them up.  It’s worked well for Microsoft hasn’t it?  (I’m only being slightly tongue-in-cheek here.)

Bottom line for me, I don’t need yet another social app begging for my time.  I turned Buzz off.

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  1. Google is the most important search engine & here the newly added the Buzz option & its also important.