Digging for Content

Part of the reason that it’s been so awfully quiet around here is that I’ve been struggling a lot with coming up wih content.  When I first began writing here, it seemed easy.  And in fact, it usually was.  Now?  Not so much.

What changed?  Me.  I think.  I used to be ok with trolling around the internet looking for the latest thing and trying to piggyback onto it with a comment or two.  I think I still am.  For the most part.  However, I seem to be having one heck of a time finding anything that I’m even remotely interested in to comment on.  Let’s see.  There’s the iPad.  I can’t stand Apple. I can’t even tell you why other than I think there’s a part of me that hates them because they are the cool kids and I never was.  Add on to that the fact that the iPad is not much more than a fancy ebook reader, and I have a hard time finding any real comments on it.

Lately, there’s been a fair amount of talk (buzz, if you will) about Google Buzz.  I’ve been playing with it a little and am still waiting for that lightbulb to light up when I figure out why it’s any better than any of the other services out there that I already use and already have set up the way I want.  So far, that hasn’t happened.  In fact, at the moment, I think it’s inferior to most of the services that it’s trying to replace.

There just is very little that I see that really entices me and jumps up and down yelling “Hey, Blogger!  Write about me!”.  So, I wander around going through my list on Google Reader, watching my feeds on Twitter, and even popping on to Facebook now and again for something other than games.  If I’m desperate, I might even pop over to Digg, Techmeme, or Technorati.

So, how do you find your content?  Where do you find your inspiration?  Tell me.  Share with me.

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Shane Ede is an IT guy by day and a Entrepreneurial Blogger by night. You can follow him here on Thatedeguy or over on Twitter and Google+.


  1. I can related.. it’s not always easy blogging and writing regular content. That’s why a lot of people I think turn to guest posters to pour more content into the mix..

    Generally I don’t wait for inspiration to come to me.. I go to it. I take action and inspiration follows.. either in the process of writing or through the results I see. I set goals, create projects.. and get started. 🙂

    Also, I can be inspired by doing the stuff I’m writing about.. much of my content comes from personal experience. I take notes of good ideas on my iphone as they come.. when I’m ready to sit down and write I glance over the topics and pick one.

    Reading the above post.. you could have created 3 or 4 posts on the topics you hit. Even if you have negative experiences, others will relate.. the best blogs show the negative and the positive point of views of anything coming down the pipe..

    In the end, you have to want to do what you’re doing. Have purpose and goals.. if you know your end game and why you are doing what you’re doing, it’ll make the process much more fun and easier.

    Good Luck!


  2. Yeah I can totally understand your struggle with picking and writing on content. I recently formed BuyaPC.org; a blog that makes buying recommendations for desktops and laptops. The site is only about 5 months old and it’s slowly getting traction.

    Since there are so many websites that give computer reviews I’ve decided to make my blog different by briefly highlighting the best of the best systems and explaining why their good in simple, easy to understand way. I also give my own thoughts on technology as it evolves as well as tech advice for common PC problems. Hoperfully as the site grows the content will be interesting enough to warrent more visitors and greater pageviews!