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Are you looking for a web host? Are you happy with the web host you have? Would you like to pay only $7.95 for each .com/.net/.org domain you register? And get one year of free web hosting too?

Then you have got to go over and check out Doteasy. They’ve got all kinds of web hosting packages. If you use their domain registration ($7.95 with coupon code 1003BPM), you get free web hosting!

The free web hosting is actually pretty good compared to some of the free hosting packages I’ve seen around. Here’s what’s included in the package:

  • Host up to 10 Add-on Domains
  • 100MB disk storage
  • 1GB monthly traffic
  • No Ad Banner
  • Free Doteasy Website Creator
  • Free Web Tools
  • Free Doteasy Hosted Applications
  • 10 emails

That’s pretty nice. Biggest points there are the first 4. 10 add-on domains is good. 100MB disk storage is more than you’ll likely use unless you’re storing all kinds of photos and files. Same goes for the 1GB monthly traffic. You’re never gonna use that much up unless you are sending a ton of files across or you get slashdotted. And most importantly, unlike some free hosting, you don’t have to display one of the host’s horribly awful (usually) looking ad banners. That spells a pretty good deal to me.

*Disclaimer: I was paid for this post. Much like any of my paid posts, I was honest about my feelings towards the company. I personally have never used Doteasy, but took a quick look around and they have a pretty good reputation so I felt fine in writing this post. My thoughts on their offerings and the package are mine, not those of the ad folks at Doteasy.

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  1. Well free is also free, looks like there are 0 databases in that set.

    That being said, their step up for $7 something a month has 100, which is a lot more than 1and1 (who I currently host with.) So might be worth looking more into when I look into upgrading my currently hosting level.