Testing WordPress for Blackberry App

I’ve been testing the official app for blackberry phones from automattic for a day or so now. This post serves as a way to test the posting functionality of it as well as to give a preliminary review.

Some initial thoughts. The downloading and installation went very smoothly. Setting up a blog (or blogs) was pretty simple as well. I did run into an issue because the app automatically defaults to use the device memory instead of a memory card. Maybe that’s necessary, but my device memory filled up before I could really do anything of value. Also, once I figured that out, I had to completely redo the setup as the app didn’t move the data over to the media card.
As yet, I haven’t really seen the auto update part work. Whether that’s due to some slow weekend days, or the app is unclear at the moment.

So far, I see the app as something that will likely be sticking around my blackberry. Its nice to have when waiting someplace. I can just type a draft or publish. It also gives me abilities for comment moderation, which could be super handy.

Added/Update: the posting of a post isn’t very intuitive, but I was able to figure it out. Formatting isn’t all that great either. Still worth using though.

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  1. This is really a good news as WordPress is the most popular tool so I think it is good to use it in blackberry

  2. The Blackberry is the best gadget that i ever received as a gift from my best friend. It has nice features and the design looks very cool too.

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