From a post by Danny of Dad Gone Mad entitled Normal:

As a parent I have learned to despise the term “it’s normal.” Nothing’s normal when I’m experiencing it for the first time. Nothing’s normal when it involves the health of my children. When I’m scared.

Nail on the head.  If you’re a parent, you really should go read the rest of that article.  I was moved tremendously.  I’ve been there and done that.  Our first born spent several days in a hospital on two occasions.  Scared doesn’t even begin to cover that.  Our second, spend the first 8 days of her life in the hospital.  Scared shitless.  When you are told that you have to go home, but her?  She has to stay here for a few more days.  You can come visit though.  There is nothing more wrenching.

At least when our son was in the hospital, he had a room so we could pull up the roll away bed and sleep there.

Our children become our lives the moment they begin theirs.  Suddenly, the rest of the world fades into a semi-important state, it’s importance maintained only by the need to provide for our children.  When they are sick or injured, our lives pause.  Only to restart when we get the all clear from their doctor, or they recover.

You’re right, Danny.  There’s not such thing as normal.  Not when you’re a parent, anyways.

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