Turning Off the Internet Today

Today, if you haven’t noticed, is April 1, 2010. And April 1 is commonly known as April Fools’ Day. Which generally means that every blogger, internet company, and social network is going to play some sort of prank on you. In fact, as I write this late on the night of March 31, there have already been several such pranks that have come across my feed reader.

I don’t really like being taken for a fool.  Sure, it’s all in good fun, but I just don’t like it.  Some of the pranks are really quite original and somewhat clever, but you can’t distinguish the real from the prank when it’s in black and white 12 point type.  Much like you need a 🙂 to delineate a joke in a online chat, you have to be able to pick the pranks from the real.  And because it’s not often marked so well, I chose to ignore anything that comes out on April 1.  So, for today, I’m turning off the internet.  At least to being taken seriously.

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