Is GDI a Scam?

Have you heard of GDI?  It’s short for Global Domains International.  At it’s most basic level, it’s a domain registrar and hosting company.  But, underneath that facade is a MLM network.  Here’s how it works.  For $10 a month, you get a .ws domain, hosting and email.  You get 10 emails, hosting and access to a sitebuilder software package.  The package itself is pretty weak compared to some of the more popular hosting/domain packages.  Godaddy gives you 100 emails and 10gb space for $4.99 a month, but no domain included.  Domains are less than $1 a month with them, however, so your total cost is only about $6 a month.  1and1 hosting is 3.99 a month, includes 1 domain, 600 emails, free private registration, and 10gb host space.  In a straight comparison, GDI looks pretty weak.

Where the advantage comes is with the MLM network.  For each person in your downline, you get $1 a month in commissions.  It’s infinite, so you can build your downline as far as you like.  Build it up far enough, and you could end up with a pretty incredible income from it.  With a fully built downline, you would have a fairly maintenance free residual passive income.  The holy grail of income.

Of course, 98% of people who join an MLM network fail in the first year, so think twice if you think it’s easy money.  In fact, it may be something to avoid altogether if you aren’t planning on making use of the domain and hosting as well.

But, is GDI a scam?  No.  Just another MLM network.  A pretty good one if you’re into that sort of thing.  They’ve been around for over 10 years and have built a pretty large network in that time.  And it wouldn’t take too awful much to get to the point where your downline was at least paying your $10 a month for you.  And if you got to that point, you’d be getting free hosting out of the deal.  Any more than that, and you’d be in the profit.  Maybe worth a look.

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  1. I was a member of GDI for a while there. I didn’t think I was going to make millions of dollars. I just thought that it would be pretty easy to cancel out the cost of the hosting and get it free, and then maybe make a few bucks on top of that.

    However it’s very difficult to get people into your downline. I suspect that when it all started it wasn’t that hard. But now it’s pretty much saturated.

    Sure, if you know what you’re doing you can still make money with GDI. But most people who join it are newbies. That’s why so many people give up.

  2. I have a plan to join Global domains international, but im still reviewing this site.
    Thanks for information. I believe you have spent much effort on this compilation. Appreciated your hard word!

  3. I’ve always wanted to try GDI. But because of the recurring monthly fees plus I am weak at referring. I am still considering. Great review anyways

  4. I agree that one of the most attractive facets to GDI is the income opportunity. But, keep in mind that GDI, while they originally just had a site builder, now hosts WordPress, PHP forums, Drupal websites and some other options. So, they really are working hard to keep up with the times and keep the hosting options competitive.

    Never believe that the market is saturated. There are over 30 million new internet users every month and the amount of websites next year is expected to exceed 300 million. That’s an additional 120 million+ new websites. I predict it will be much higher.

    Referring does not have to be difficult, but the problem most people make (in my opinion) is following what everyone else is doing. There are some very basic concepts to understand when it comes to marketing, and too few people are taught those basics.

    Many people are taught that it’s just a numbers game. And while that can be true to some extent, for instance when posting classified ads (which for me is a HUGE asset to my business), the missing ingredient is usually the human element. In other words, making yourself available to answer questions by phone or email and following up with people. Finding out why they looked at your website or your ad and going from there.

    Another thing too many people seem to miss is small businesses in their local area. This accounts for probably 1/5 of the people on my first level. Businesses that are happy to pay $10 a month for a website that’s easy to build and maintain. One of my tricks is to set up a very simple WordPress website for them, and teach them how to update it. You would be surprised at how many businesses think they need a designer plus hundreds of dollars to go online when it’s just so very simple.

    When you’re looking to join Global Domains International, Inc. try and do a little research on your sponsor. Do they provide training? Do they make it easy to contact them? If so, contact that person and ask your questions. Hopefully they are not intent on just getting you in and will indeed try and help you as much as possible. Even if that means saying, this is not something for you. Because I have to say it frequently.

    Best of luck!

  5. I actually subscribed to GDI, and was pretty impressed with the tools they make available. But I found that I wasn’t using the tools enough to justify the cost, nor was I interested in the MLM part of it, to continue the subscription.