Amazon Aquires Woot!

Woot announced it earlier today on their blog, and it seems official enough. Amazon has acquired Woot! Based on the email there from the CEO, included in the Woot! blog post, it doesn’t look like much will change, except that Woot! will be a subsidiary of Amazon.

From the blog post:

To be uncharacteristically serious for half a nanosecond, yes, Woot has signed an agreement to be acquired by Amazon. It shouldn’t change anything much for us or you after the deal closes, we just figured you’d like to know a few details. You see, when two companies meet over drinks and some light jazz and decide they’d like to get to know each other better…

This could be a good thing for both companies.  Amazon gets an outlet for some of it’s slower moving stock as well as a great place to offload their closeouts.  Woot! gets what is likely a never ending supply of products.  Overall, a pretty blah move by Amazon.  Nothing that is gonna change the world for sure.  It’s not even really an industry changer.

Bottom line, if Amazon changes nothing with Woot!, the only difference will be the name on the checks of the employees.

*UPDATE: It looks like the product pluses that I was talking about are already in effect.  Today’s Woot is a Amazon Kindle for $149.  If you’ve been looking for one, now might be the time to head over to and get one. The regular price at Amazon for a Amazon Kindle is $189.

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