The ONLY Rule in Blogging

Darren “Problogger” Rowse put up a post on the 11 definitive rules of blogging.  I think I can easily add them here, without risking his ire, or that of his lawyers.  The 11 definitive rules of blogging, according to Darren Rowse:


He argues that there aren’t any set in stone rules of blogging. Each niche, blog, and blogger has their own way of going about things and each needs to find their own way to getting to where they want to be.  And, while I completely agree with that train of thought, there is one definitive rule of blogging that must be adhered to for real blogging success.  (sadly, it’s also one that I break rather regularly.)

The ONLY rule in blogging: You’ve got to blog.

That’s it.  If you don’t follow that rule, you’re blog will cease to exist, any traffic that you’ve had built up will dry up, and all those links you amassed will age and lose their search engine luster.

Now, I know that Darren was likely making that rule an assumption in his post, but for some, it’s more than an assumption.  It has to be a rule.  I do my best to not break it too often, but as you’ll likely notice there are several gaps in the archive timeline here.  I can vouch for the effects of the broken rule all too well.

If you want to be a successful blogger, follow Darren’s advice and find your own way to the blog you want to be.  Write your style, your content, and make your blog your online home.  Be comfortable in it’s skin.  But, follow this rule.  You’ve got to blog.  People don’t come back because you have great archives.  They come back because you have fresh content, regularly.

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  1. I definitely agree with you. Based on my experience I usually stumble upon those blogs which is up-to-date because when people saw that your post is getting rusty or it is a post just a year ago, they will not waste any of their time to stay at that blog. They would definitely leave without leaving any marks on it. That only rule in blogging now make some sense. Good!

  2. Early on I used to try to emulate things other bloggers did because I perceived those things as being key to their success. While certainly it’s useful to get tips and tricks from other bloggers, at the end of the day content is king.

    Blog content that is unique, and know what you’re talking about, and readers will come.

  3. I agree, for a blogger to be successful they have to ensure that they blog on a regular basis, to ensure that they still have an audience!

  4. As everyone knows, content is king. If you want to rank well in the search engines as well as keep people coming back, you need fresh and unique content.