Blogging for Better Business

For the small business owner, there is not a more valuable tool than the internet. Despite the nature of your business or the scope of your small operation, it can benefit from the opportunities that the internet provides. Some of the most sought-after advantages of syncing your small business operations with the internet include an increase in visibility to your target customers and the availability of affordable and sometimes even free marketing tools. One such popular route that businesses of every size are taking is that of blogging. Internet blogging has become a common ‘go-to’ method for marketing products and services online which is why it’s unfortunate that so many small businesses are still apprehensive to take the leap and start a business blog. Some of the most frequently used reasons (AKA: excuses) are below:

  • Business owners don’t believe that they have the time or resources, so they completely write it off since it seems too time consuming and overwhelming.
  • The technical aspects that are presumed to be involved in blogging are a bit scary.
  • The process of creating, developing and maintaining a loyal and engaged following of readers on a business blog may seem challenging, especially when the blog is focused on one topic or industry.

Brian F PrinceThese excuses are all easily blown out of the water when you realize that most of the fears are unfounded. With the sophistication of tools and availability of comprehensive, user-friendly information to explain how to use these types of tools online, literally anyone can start and maintain a successful blog – regardless of how busy or inept they think they are. A good example of the success of a business blog for someone who is extremely busy is the Brian F. Prince Blog. Not only is the author of the blog exponentially busy, he has garnered the use of a free blogging portal to help promote his business successfully. So, tell us again, why haven’t YOU?

Creating and maintaining a blog could not be easier and if whatever reason, you are STILL on the fence, here a few reasons you should start blogging for better business today:

  • A business blog is an excellent way to establish yourself as an expert in your particular industry.
  • Through continuous development of original and dynamic content, you will be able to create and maintain a loyal community of customers.
  • Where sales are concerned, repeat business is of paramount importance. A blog is a great way to establish personal communication with your existing customers and thus encourage them to re-purchase with you now and in the future.
  • If potential customers are uncertain that they want to place trust in you, your blog will inspire confidence. As you continue to upload content, your wording won’t just market your product or service, it will market your integrity as well.
  • Having a blog builds respect and much needed support from other leaders in your industry. You will be able to socially network with fellow business people and keep abreast of developments in your industry, all in real-time.