Debt Cures That I Want You to Know About

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Kevin Trudeau’s new book “Debt Cures they don’t want you to know about.” Of course, in the comments, there were a fair share of people who truly believe that Kevin Trudeau is the snake oil salesman he appears to be. Yet, I still hypothesized that he is the best salesman of our time. For the simple reason that he can sell his products and sell them well.

While I am not the salesman that Kevin is, I’d like to share with you a product that I truly believe in. I first read the book while I was still running my money blog “A Penny Saved” and have been following it’s program since March(2007). In that time, I have gained a confidence in my money that I’ve never had before. I finally feel like I am in control.

I won’t try and sell the product as a cure all program. It’s not a fast track program either. But what it can do for you, if you follow it, is get you out of debt. Completely. You’ll have to work hard and live a lot less “good” than you do now, but the reward is the reduction of debt and the control over your money.

The product in question is Dave Ramsey’s “Total Money Makeover.” Yes, that is a affiliate link. Just because I’m trying to help you out, doesn’t mean I can’t make a little money from it if you decide to follow my advice. I whole-heartedly endorse that book. It’s made some great changes in my money handling and for once I control my money instead of the other way around.

Please take the time to take a look at the book. And consider buying it. I think you’ll be glad you did.

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  1. I’m actually taking Dave Ramsey’s Finacial Peace class right now….I can atest-his book are amazing and one does follow his suggestions you will get out of debt.

  2. I and I am sure many more can use whatever advise is available on this subject. Thanks for the pointer. If you make money off it, all strength to you.

  3. I listen to Dave Ramsey on the radio Sunday nights (replay from Friday I believe). I like the information he gives out and will check out his book and give it to my daughter and her husband to help them in their finanacial future.

  4. what are the 2 words that are in Kevins’ book that are such a secret that you have to pay for them. if he really wanted to help someone, why not just open up

  5. Kevin Trudeau is practicing to be a politician. He never actually or directly answers a question presented on the infomercial.
    He is repackaging and selling common sense readily available information. He has no “quick fixes” or “magical bullets” to solve your financial overindulgences. (just like a politician!!!)

    Dave Ramsey preaches getting out of dept, eliminating “junk” accumulation and expense and reaching financial responsibility.
    Dave Ramsey tells you to avoid credit card dept like the plague.
    Dave Ramsey preaches “meat & Potatoes”. Kevin Trudeau is “selling” false hopes.

  6. I totaly agree with your statment that Kevin Trudeau’s tv add does not answer any question but even to a doubting thomas like my self, he got me hooked at least on wathching, hoping he would say something, just like a presidentian state of the union..I know his new book “Debt Cures” book promises have some valitity as I have done many of the things he mentioned not without direction in some cases. As such it might me worth something for informantion collection. The item that intriqued me was the grants. They exist I know people that have recieved them BUT I cannot find one that fits me. YES i did break down and purchased snake oil that promised (several times) with no usefull results. Thg Gov sites ar non userfrindly !!! Is there actually any thing that can really help?

  7. @Kenneth: Check out The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. There’s a link in the above post. It’s done wonders for my financial situation and I’m sure it can help yours as well.

  8. Debt Cures doesn’t cure your debt instead it put you in debt more. Because if you try to return it you want get your money back. Even if you call to get the restocking number (if you don’t include the number when returning book you will be charge a restocking fee)they still want refund you money. I bought the book for my dad in October. He didn’t like it so I return the book in November it is now January and I still have received my refund. So beware of the 30day money back.

  9. Garry White says

    Kevin Trrdeau is making my head spin by talking around all the questions whose answers would be so helpful. If he has real concern for those in debt, he would answer something rather than work so hard in getting his hands in our pockets along with the bankers.

  10. Sueing them Soon i hope! says

    These freaking people!

    I ordered it, and figure i would get some for friends, then said no, canceled the order, and they charged my credit card, and shipped it to me anyways. I read the book, some usefull hints, and thats about it. I returned the items and they recharged my Credit card and will not revolk the charges, kinda a piss poor company is this? they say one thing then do another, caused my credit card to go over the limit and shipping charges back, great way to get out of debt by going more into it with a debt book! I would highly recommend to anyone just to get your Credit Report and find ways to get rid of claims on there and clean that up, the best way to get your credit back. As far as debt, i am filling for Bankrupcy as all the banks, and companies that will help, wont help, i am not $50K in debt, but $40K in debt, not a huge number compared to others. and yet these companies like PrimeAmerica wont help! great companies! thats my two cents!

  11. I found that negotiating directly with the CC companies is better than what I’ve heard about KT’s book offers. Appears to me that he has taken some of Matthew Lesko’s ideas about goverment grants and implemented them in his book.

  12. BTW, you can purchase his book through Barnes and Noble and Amazon for as little as $18.00 as compared to his “only available through this TV offer” for $29.95 + S&H. What a con job.

  13. Thanks for the heads up. I too was getting suck into the hype
    Thanks All

  14. I bought Kevin’s very first book (Health Cures)and found it to be a terrible read—so much whining about how he was victimized by the government. I couldn’t finish it. I checked out his second book from the library, it was a bit more useful. As for the Debt Cures book, I am totally skeptical, I’m waiting for it to be available in the library. And I have tried unsuccessfully to get government grants to help with my debts, so if anyone has been successful here I’d love to hear about it. I love this website, its quite helpful. Susan

  15. i just saw this book on tv. all sounds wonderful. but i would never buy the book from a man who claims to help when he cant even give on secret to you for free when a caller calls in.. get him out of debt by buying his book is more like it. the people i would trust more are the people like all of you . who take the time to read and write your responses. cuz to be honest he had me wondering hmmmm does he have the answer. should i buy it? then i decide the see what the world thinks and looked up the reviews online… i”ll take the word of someone who’s bought the book before the sellers . so thank you who all take the time and try to reveal these people or what they really are..salesman making money from people who shouldnt be buying more junk when trying to fix thier buying problems

  16. I bought his natural cures at wal-mart. What susan mentioned before its true…too much whinning on the first book. Also you can get information on debt settlements for free on other websites like… I was also intrigued like kenneth about the grants and was thinking of buying the book, but after reading all these post i’ll just wait and probably check it out at a library. Or perhaps read it at wal-mart while my wife buys groceries lol. As for dave ramsey i believe he is really trying to help people out.

  17. Just playing devil’s advocate here. Trudeau is not going to tell any secrets on TV because then no one would buy his book to find out what the secrets are. This is how he makes his money.

    His book looks interensting but I do see alot of negative comments here. It makes me wonder…

  18. I order my first copy of DebtCures in Jan. I called and still no answer, I filled out Postal Form as of 02-11 still nothing; spoke with two Supervisors in Customer Service they were very rude one of them even hung up in my face. Basically he was telling me I was lying about not recieving my order still nothing as of today. Your talking about banks is a fake, I feel that you are to because your company is not holding up to its promises. Both Supervisors were men, I have they name at home so some one please call me.

    [Editors note: We aren’t associated with Kevin or any of his books so are unable to get you any further than you already are. All the more reason to try and find the book on Amazon or in your local library. ]

  19. Hi All,

    I agree Kevin Trudeau can be a bit shady. Ok, REALLY shady. But, I read Debt Cures myself, and Ive found it to be very useful. I was a couple grand in debt, and thought, hey, why not give it a try. I’ve implemented a couple of his suggestions, and I’ve already saved about $300 in extra interest I would have paid my credit card. So, is Kevin shady: Yes! But is Debt Cures worth the $40? YES YES!!!

  20. I think you can read any “debt guru” finance book and pull out the good and leave the not-so-good. You can get a ton of free info on the web without having to pay a dime on a book, however the same rule applies on the web, buyer beware. I also agree with Ramsey on almost everything, except the 3-6 months emergrncy fund timing. Thanks for mentioning my website, Robert. I think it’s help alot of people get out of debt as fast as they can.

  21. There is a lot of snakeoil in the world of debt. The debtmatters and debt free direct adverts on TV drive me up the wall. They pretend they’re there to help people, when all they want to do is make some commission while destroying their clients’ lives.

  22. I must have seen Kevin’s commercial over 10 times. I wondering why someone would get on TV to say “I’ve gotten death threats” for blowing the whistle on companies, when that book is not 100% helpfull. Makes me wonder who to believe more, our current president or Kevin. (I think I’ll keep listening to Dave Ramsey,DO U AGRY?)

  23. I got sucked into this infomercial and it has been a nightmare. I called in the order for the book only and declined everything else they tried to sell me. The phone operator stumbled and told me the shipping has changed and the subscription to his magazine was no longer included. How can it change I just heard about it? Then when I asked for my total I was quoted $140.00. i about died! I said NO WAY I did not agree to anything but the book and she said since she already confirmed it she could not cancel it right then. What kind of scam is that? I called customer service right away and he said the order hasn’t shown up yet call back on Monday to cancel. The money was taken from my account right away though. I called on Monday and they said it already went to the warehouse for processing they cannot cancel it now. Hello! Isn’t it Monday like I was told? I called at noon and her snippy reply was, “We open at 6:00am how come you didn’t call ealier? What!!!! I politely told her that I had been at work since 6:00 am also but since I was working I couldn’t call on the phone until my lunch hour.(hmmm) Why should I have to explain why I didn’t call earlier. Am I not the customer? Isn’t the customer always right? Now I have to wait for my shipment in3 weeks and then return the product, pay for the return shipping and then get my refund!!! I am reporting this to the BBB. Do not deal with these people. They are causing more debt and more frustration. I am very angry and I never get this way. I hope no one else goes thru this.

  24. #8 William stated that Kevin is practicing to be a politician. Really? I figured a salesman is supposed to entice you to buy a product, not to give you the answer, as in Kevin’s infomercial. Why would he need to give the answers now and not get you to buy his book. If some of what he discusses in his book applies to you, then great. But you want it for free as far as any information is concerned, then I agree as to his methodology to persuade you to get the book.

  25. Michelle said:

    Am I not the customer? Isn’t the customer always right?

    Ummmmmm…you know better than that question. NO the customer isn’t always right! But of course you already knew that. It is customers like you that make a honest hard workers life hell.

  26. I want to know what are the 2 websites you can go to to apply for grants in 10 minutes?

  27. Some of you have mentioned using some of the statesgies, LIKE WHAT, for instance??? No one has really shared anything useful!

  28. I am curious, has anyone who has purchased the book gone to the 2 websites that Kevin speaks of on the infomercial and had any success? As the earlier post asked, would anyone be willing to give the website addresses for those 2 sites please? Curiousity has me now.
    Also, has anyone had sucess from purchasing this book at all or is it truly all smoke and mirrors and just Kevin making more money with his tv infomercials and the people who truly need help getting out of debt only putting themelves $40 further in debt with this purchase?
    Thanks for your website and everyone’s input. This is a great site.

  29. kevin trudeau is great I don’t know what you people are talking about. he helped me get into a heathy lifestyle. if you actually read his books maybe you’ll see how many natural cures their are without using any drugs. The heath department is trying to shut him down because if people do find out their are natural cures for everything they would lose billions of $. So I would think before you speak. and stop complainig about the money becaus we all know you cant put a price on being healthy

  30. As individuals, we need to truly look at our own spending habits and get them under control. Stop belly aching about who said what and where you want to find free monies. If we each spent under what we earned we could not only get out of debt, but by example show our children a different way to live life.
    Get real we all have financial difficulties that happen … be it an accident, health emergency, home repair or a death in the family that puts a strain on our families finances.
    The first thing to do is like anything else take account of total earnings and expenses. Then plan each of your purchases. You may have to make some sacrifices like having your cable shut off, but in the long run if it gives you the funds to meet your daily lives expenses … like food, utilies, rent … wont it be worth it.
    In my own experience it has taken me five years to cut-up 14 credit cards and I presently pay what credit card debt I have … off monthly.

    We all have different expenses and needs. Write them ALL down. Don’t forget them once a year expenses … inlude them. Keep ALL your receipts for a month. Once you have all expenses written down I am sure you will be a bit surprised on where ALL your money is going. Like most of us we are more than likely spending more than what we are earning (myself included at one time).
    Just an idea you need to make some hard decisions on what you can live without till you get the accumalated debt you now owe paid off. Work with those that you owe … don’t ignore them for that will cause other headaches. You did purchase using credit … be it a credit card, loan or even using services like the hospital. So lets pay for what we use. This may seem harsh to some, but If we all pulled together and did this we could put the collection companies OUT OF BUSINESS.

  31. Whenever I watch the Debt Cures youtube video ( I could totally believe that, as you guys mention, Kevin Trudeau could be a great politician. While I truly enjoyed his book Debt Cures (, I also realize he is a great salesman. Either way it is an incredible book!

  32. Bart Simpson says

    I think this guy is a much bigger liar than I am. I think some of the respondents are shills. I agree with the poster who pondered why none of the “techniques” or “magic words” are revealed by anyone on this thread. Oh, by the way, my name isn’t really Bart Simpson (just in case any readers out there are credulous to belive the tag is a real name). Hope you all find realistic and successful ways to handle debts.

  33. So does the book help anyone???

  34. what I meant to say does any of his books do any body any good? Has anyone got any good comments, I want to buy the book but after reading all these comments I’m thinking maybe I shouldnt….
    dept cures!

  35. Thatedeguy says


    I’ve heard comments both ways about the Kevin Trudeau books. I truly do think that he has some good information in the books. I also think that the tactics that his company uses to sell other products and keep you hooked on those products can be a bit shady.

    I can completely vouch for the Dave Ramsey book and the Dave Ramsey system. My wife and I use the system and it does work wonders.

    If you’re going to buy the Trudeau books, do yourself the favor and buy from someplace like Walmart or Amazon where they can’t try and hook you with the newsletter and the “trial” subscription that turns into a 39.99 subscription.

  36. Debt gone... says

    I was reading above and someone said they are going to file bankruptcy for being 40K in debt. DON’T. 5 years ago we were almost 125K in debt with many credit cards of high interest. We actually did a debt consolidation with Nova Debt. They were EXCELLENT! I would recommend them to everyone. They did everything they said they would, were very professional and great to work with. It took us 5 years of living very tightly but we did it. Our payments were a little less than $2000 a month for 5 years but it is all over and it feels so good to be out that debt. We had thought of bankruptcy too but decided to go this way instead. Best thing we ever did. We are now looking at buying some land and ready to enjoy life. It was tough I will say. We drive older cars and had to say no to a lot of things but it was worth it. We do not have high paying jobs either- both of us work in schools and we have 5 kids- 4 being teenagers. This has been a life lesson for the kids- hopefully they will learn from us and not do the same thing! But no matter what, life is good and we are happy and as you can see- we feel very proud of ourselves for accomplishing this. Give Nova Debt a call if you are in a similar situation and Good Luck!

  37. kevin’s on is it the pharmacutical industry weight loss or debt fixes whats former playmate of the month got to do with anything?

  38. Oh God, I just called to order it, and I thought, that will be the end of it – oh no – there was about 10 other things they were trying to sell me, all of which I thought was given in the book. Evidentally they are just something to get you good and curious and loose with your money. You know that old saying….curiosity killed the cat – well not this one (at least I hope not). When I was told my the saleslady that all that information WASN’T in the book, I cancelled my order. I guess we’ll see if they still charge me!!! Maybe not. I’m going to call my card co. tomorrow and tell them to block any charges from them!

  39. Check out Winning the Cash Flow War (Wiley). Good solid stuff everyone should know…without all the other BS. You can get it in bookstores and at least it is from a real person…

  40. William S The Hardworking American says

    Look i am a hard working man who has one child and 1 on the way. I am tryingto find grants or even no interest loans. I am tired of wasting money on book that don’t pay off!!! Look i know some one knows how to get them please spill the beans. I need to spend more time wit my family. i got several business ideas that i know will give me enough residual income.To spend more time with my family is all i want will someone please help me please!!!!
    Thank you William S The Hardworking American

  41. I left you a e-mail and wrote a note somehow it got lost kevin trudeau book on debt cures $11.95 shipping handling what does he do with that money I can see why he is out of debt barbara

  42. I hear this and I hear that, let’s save us all some time and $$ and let the cat out of the bag.
    what’s the bottomline free advice or free website to really help your credit or obtain more $$ or get out of debt?
    Anyone willing to share


  43. I agree….Everyone keeps downing this book but no one is willing to share this website that you can go to to get government grants in 10 mins. Where is this site. Someone please let me know. I’m disabled and can’t get my Social security going. I don’t make anything. My family and I live on less that $1600/month right now. And I have to pay rent, lights, gas, food, water and everything else out of that and in TX the light bills are pretty high. So someone give up the website please!

  44. So, has anyone recieved any info on how to get gov’t help/grants or is this more snakeoil & charms? I’m in a fix as many people are that look for resorces. Not saying this is a bad thing but we should’t be here in the first place if we used more constrant. Now that I am in the perdicament I am in – Is there any grants,gov’t help, ect… please share Thanks!

  45. C-mon people, NOTHING is FREE (except BOGO coupons from retailers) but definately not from our Government – look at our economy, gas prices & the reciprocal reactions that has had – EVERYONE is struggling… It is really sad & people are taking financial advantage of that! I’ve personally searched for MANY years & paid GOOD money to find out, as far as I know, nothing like that exists. WKLaw IS correct; it is all snakeoil charm. As much as I need money too, If I ever did find such a site or program I would announce it for FREE to help people. Good Luck & God Bless!

  46. Kevin Trudeau is a con man. I ordered the book one morning in a weak moment. LOL. Well later that day I called to cancel my order. The would not! They said it would take up to 2 days to “see” my order. So, 2 days later, after my CC was charged they could in fact see my order but they would not cancel it! I was so mad. There is nothing in this book that isn’t available somewhere else. Don’t get sucked into this.

  47. chuckyoo says

    Wow, Thanks all. I almost ordered this book as he said that it was not in stores but amazon got it. This makes him a liar. I am not much in debt but is willing to change and be debt free with some help. I don’t mind paying for something that will actually work. What is the best help for resolving debts? Anyone??


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