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Hybrid Cellular Begins

I’ve been on the bandwagon for a cell phone service that can be both a cellular phone service, and a voip service that allows you to make calls with your cell phone over wi-fi.  Well, I might be a little late to the party here, but it looks like it’s finally happening.  Check out Republic Wireless.

It looks like they’re working in partnership with the Sprint network.  $19 a month + taxes gets you pretty much unlimited everything.  And, so long as you’ve got wi-fi connectivity, you’ve got a cell phone that can make calls, do data, etc.  If you’re not in range of a wi-fi connection, the phone seamlessly switches over to the Sprint cellular network.

They’re very much still in a beta form as they are only allowing sign ups in waves, and seem to be several weeks out for accepting people through the waves.  They also are only allowing a single band phone at the moment, which limits your cellular network coverage.  According to their site, they’ve got plans for a dual band phone that should be out by the end of  the year though, so that should drastically expand the possible cellular network.  That’s particularly important to me up here in North Dakota where cellular service is notoriously spotty to begin with.

My current contract, with AT&T isn’t up until May (I think), so I can’t even begin to look around too much until then, but you can bet I’ll be checking out Republic when I get there.  As long as they can port my current number over, and the phone they are offering is a dual band, I’ll likely give them a try.  After all, $19 is a far cry better than $90 and the service can’t be much worse than the combination of AT&T and my current phone.

What am I missing?  Are there any technical issues with a hybrid service like this?  I can’t think of any.  They say that it’s seamless, so there’s no switching or apps involved.  Imagine, stopping off at McDonalds for a quick cup of joe, and making a phone call off their free wi-fi at the same time!

Debt Cures That I Want You to Know About

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Kevin Trudeau’s new book “Debt Cures they don’t want you to know about.” Of course, in the comments, there were a fair share of people who truly believe that Kevin Trudeau is the snake oil salesman he appears to be. Yet, I still hypothesized that he is the best salesman of our time. For the simple reason that he can sell his products and sell them well.

While I am not the salesman that Kevin is, I’d like to share with you a product that I truly believe in. I first read the book while I was still running my money blog “A Penny Saved” and have been following it’s program since March(2007). In that time, I have gained a confidence in my money that I’ve never had before. I finally feel like I am in control.

I won’t try and sell the product as a cure all program. It’s not a fast track program either. But what it can do for you, if you follow it, is get you out of debt. Completely. You’ll have to work hard and live a lot less “good” than you do now, but the reward is the reduction of debt and the control over your money.

The product in question is Dave Ramsey’s “Total Money Makeover.” Yes, that is a affiliate link. Just because I’m trying to help you out, doesn’t mean I can’t make a little money from it if you decide to follow my advice. I whole-heartedly endorse that book. It’s made some great changes in my money handling and for once I control my money instead of the other way around.

Please take the time to take a look at the book. And consider buying it. I think you’ll be glad you did.

Win a Copy of Camtasia 8 from Dragon Blogger

If you’re not familiar with Dragon Blogger, it’s a great technology blog run by Justin Germino.  One of the nice things about the site, aside from the great info is that Justin is constantly hosting giveaways.  He’s got another great one running right now, giving away a copy of Camtasia 8.  The other good news is that, since I’m a hosting blog, all you’ve got to do to win is sign up in the form below!

The giveaway is over. Thank you for participating.

Bingo, bango, fill out a few things, perform a few small actions, and you’re entered!

Is Hard Copy Media Dying Out?

Looking at industry sales figures, there seems to be one thing it’s safe to conclude: digital distribution isn’t going anywhere. More and more, consumers are turning to electronic copies of media they once plucked from shelves.

With the burgeoning popularity of the iPad and other tablets, e-readers such as the Kindle and Nook, and the wide array of smartphones on offer today, we are constantly being provided with new, modern and exciting methods of consuming media. Today, most major magazines and publications now have online editions available for download (with some actually charging for this service, just as they do with hard paper copies) and most novels are available in formats for making them accessible on tablets, e-readers and smartphones. And yet, despite this recent leaning towards digital media, many supporters of traditional print media would argue trenchantly that, regardless of this rapid development and growth in the digital arena, electronic media has not, will not fill the shoes of the hard copy.


Why is print media suffering?

In today’s world, where we expect everything to be instantaneous and where we expect products to be at our doors the next day, the print media is slower and less convenient than digital media and this is just one of the reasons why so many people are turning digital for their written word. With print media, we have to make a physical purchase – we must visit a shop, take money with us, look through book shelves and find the book / magazine / newspaper we’re after. With digital we can set automatic downloads, we can read on the go, we can store our books in a compact piece of technology (instead of a bulky book), we can purchase multiple items within minutes and we can save our credit card details for easy recurrent payment. With perks like this to outweigh the tradition print media, what (if anything) is keeping the traditional print media alive?

Many people who have grown up with traditional print media are adamant not to change – are most likely the people keeping the print industry alive and kicking. As much as sales may have dropped in print media and many digital industry specialists will argue that the print industry is slowly dying, there are just as many who will argue that the print industry will remain strong so long as people keep investing in books and magazines, etc. Many individuals find it bizarre to imagine a world without hard copies and without book shelves full of old dusting books – replaced instead by a single Kindle upon the bed side table.


So what are the key players, if digital does take over print media?

Well of course, as mentioned – the Kindle and other technologies such as the iPhone and iPad are a huge reason for the success and growth of digital copies. The portability and convenience of these items mean that they are great alternative to bigger and bulkier hard copies such as books and newspapers. The internet is also a key player – the internet is a huge online forum for information access and means all information is easier to find, easier to access and easier to share; much easier than searching through a library or bookshop – and much less time consuming.

What other reasons might contribute to the decline of print media?

Another huge reason the print media may being seeing a steep decline is lack of advertising. Many smaller magazines have had to close or be bought out – simply because advertisers are find more savvy ways of marketing and advertising (and most of this is online). Marketing divisions of companies that previously advertised in print media are seeing great amounts of online traffic, online sales and online publicity on the rise – and so it seems that they think money would be better spent here than in print media which is on the decline.

This has been a guest post from Liam