Testing WordPress for Blackberry App

I’ve been testing the official app for blackberry phones from automattic for a day or so now. This post serves as a way to test the posting functionality of it as well as to give a preliminary review.

Some initial thoughts. The downloading and installation went very smoothly. Setting up a blog (or blogs) was pretty simple as well. I did run into an issue because the app automatically defaults to use the device memory instead of a memory card. Maybe that’s necessary, but my device memory filled up before I could really do anything of value. Also, once I figured that out, I had to completely redo the setup as the app didn’t move the data over to the media card.
As yet, I haven’t really seen the auto update part work. Whether that’s due to some slow weekend days, or the app is unclear at the moment.

So far, I see the app as something that will likely be sticking around my blackberry. Its nice to have when waiting someplace. I can just type a draft or publish. It also gives me abilities for comment moderation, which could be super handy.

Added/Update: the posting of a post isn’t very intuitive, but I was able to figure it out. Formatting isn’t all that great either. Still worth using though.

Digging for Content

Part of the reason that it’s been so awfully quiet around here is that I’ve been struggling a lot with coming up wih content.  When I first began writing here, it seemed easy.  And in fact, it usually was.  Now?  Not so much.

What changed?  Me.  I think.  I used to be ok with trolling around the internet looking for the latest thing and trying to piggyback onto it with a comment or two.  I think I still am.  For the most part.  However, I seem to be having one heck of a time finding anything that I’m even remotely interested in to comment on.  Let’s see.  There’s the iPad.  I can’t stand Apple. I can’t even tell you why other than I think there’s a part of me that hates them because they are the cool kids and I never was.  Add on to that the fact that the iPad is not much more than a fancy ebook reader, and I have a hard time finding any real comments on it.

Lately, there’s been a fair amount of talk (buzz, if you will) about Google Buzz.  I’ve been playing with it a little and am still waiting for that lightbulb to light up when I figure out why it’s any better than any of the other services out there that I already use and already have set up the way I want.  So far, that hasn’t happened.  In fact, at the moment, I think it’s inferior to most of the services that it’s trying to replace.

There just is very little that I see that really entices me and jumps up and down yelling “Hey, Blogger!  Write about me!”.  So, I wander around going through my list on Google Reader, watching my feeds on Twitter, and even popping on to Facebook now and again for something other than games.  If I’m desperate, I might even pop over to Digg, Techmeme, or Technorati.

So, how do you find your content?  Where do you find your inspiration?  Tell me.  Share with me.

The Blogging Process

Ede asked me to write a post about my blogging process.  I was more than happy to take this guest post challenge.  One of the biggest helps I have had was to bring prior experience into my blogging process.  I was editor in chief of my college newspaper for a year.  One of the biggest mistakes I made was not using what I learned during that time in my blogging.  I recently wrote a post on better blogging, it too might be of help here.

I have set up for myself an editorial process that I try to hold to as much as is reasonably possible.  (As a part time blogger sometimes schedules slip, but I do what I can.)  I actually found an article not too long ago that lays this process out fairly well.

Inception: Brainstorming, Start a draft, Related articles.

Sometimes it works to find a post, throw up a quick blurb, and hit post.  That will get you some content, however to make your site worth coming back to, quality will mean more than quantity.  The first part is coming up with an article idea.  I prefer a couple of methods.  First, I use Google Reader and Friendfeed to mark articles I find interesting or that are on a topic I feel I can contribute to.  Second, I am a bit old fashion in this, but I use a whiteboard as a scratch pad.  I lay out the article to give it some form and scratch out additional notes.  In WordPress, I also start a draft right away.  Even if I never write the article, I have something started that I can work on later.  I have gotten many more posts doing this.

Laying out this article

Laying out this article

Research: Blogging History, Other Bloggers, Links to Supporting Evidence

Research and supporting evidence help give both additional emphasis and credibility to posts.  Also, if you have written on the topic before, link to your older posts.  Not only does it give your audience a chance to be interested in your site past one article, it builds age and therefore credibility.  Also, link to other bloggers who have written on the topic.  (Especially if you got the idea for the post from them.)  Not only is it just plain nice to do, but it builds potential for other bloggers to link to you.  That gives you more visibility and traffic.

Posting: Stumble, Twitter, Trackbacks, Ad Placement

Once you finish, review, and post your article, there is plenty more you can do.  StumbleUpon is a great tool to help people discover your posts and then site.  After every post, I Stumble it as well.  I then also Twitter my posts, in case followers there would also like to view my posts.  A lot of links will automatically trackback to the original post, which gives a link back to your site.  The last part of this is – ad placement.  Don’t be afraid to place an ad in an article, especially if it ads to it.  An example would be a book review, add in an image of the book linking to amazon using an affiliate link.  Gives the person a look at the book artwork, and may make you a commission.  (Doesn’t happen often, but it is possible.)


The beauty in blogging is that it is extremely flexible.  Perhaps a free form process works best for you.  I find a little more structure and pre-planning go a long way in my own blogging.  Try different methods and see what works best for you.