The River

As I stand I watch the crimson river Flowing ever south Towards what I do not know I watch it flow And I wonder What have we done Why have we made this river full It was vanity and pride A voice inside me screams Why couldn't we see it Why … [Continue reading]

Lulu blossoming

It doesn't seem like all that long ago that I first heard about on the podcast TWiT(this week in tech). For a time I even forgot the name of the place. How you forget a name like Lulu, I don't know, but I did. Recently I was reminded … [Continue reading]

Digg and Slashdot

There have been plenty of comparisons between the industry behemoth slashdot and the new, up and comer digg. Jake over at SGB takes a look at a couple of articles and comes up with his own comparisons and comments. Heck, I've even made a few … [Continue reading]

Free Laptop or Visa Card Hose Job?

There has been a little bit of static going around the blogosphere today about a Visa card that "gives" you a "free" laptop as a reward. Better yet, it gives you the laptop up front. There is a catch of course. You have to transfer $5000.00 to the … [Continue reading]