Leo Laporte info I didn’t know

So, I'm cruising around the Leo Laporte Empire last night and happen upon a link to his resume. Typical mumbo jumbo for the most part. Until you get to the education part. Education Chinese History major, Yale University, 1973-76 First … [Continue reading]

Non-smoking 1 week and change

Sunday was one week, so I'm up to one week and two days now. I did break down and have one cigarette on Monday evening. Frankly, I'm kinda glad that I did as it did not taste anything like I remember them tasting. I got no effects from it except … [Continue reading]

Big Announcement coming for Turkey Day

I have a HUGE announcement coming for Turkey Day!!! I've begun(or will shortly) to future post some of the details for November 24th. Keep your eyes glued to this site for further details on Turkey Day. [tags]Announcement, thatedeguy, turkey … [Continue reading]

Mark Morford should be shot

By now you've all heard about the woman that had her 16th child and reportedly still wants more. Sure we all think that she's flipping insane. But Mr. Mark Morford of the SFGate news organization decided to try and say that he wasn't judging while … [Continue reading]