How Smart Are You With Credit Cards?

Personal finance is something you might call a hobby of mine. I've written on the subject here before, and on a couple of personal finance blogs that I own. One of the things that constantly gets batted back and forth between the experts in personal … [Continue reading]


Entreleadership By: Dave Ramsey I've made no effort in hiding the fact that I'm a fan of Dave Ramsey.  His book "Total Money Makeover" made a huge difference in the way that I handle my personal finances.  So, when I heard that he was coming … [Continue reading]

Cloud Computing: Locking Us Into the Matrix?

Cloud Computing Matrix

Cloud computing is being called the best thing that's hit the technology sector since multiple core processors.  It gives small businesses the ability to tap into super computer power without having the cost of building the super computer.  The … [Continue reading]

Taking the Book out of Small Business Bookkeeping

In an ideal world, we could focus all of our energy on growing and improving our small businesses through strategic initiatives and creative thinking. But in reality, there are logistics and administrative tasks that can get in the way of focusing on … [Continue reading]