5 Ways Tablets Are Changing How We Do Business

Tablets have been perhaps the most surprising innovation of the last ten years—one of those magical products that we “didn’t know we needed”. From the briefcases of executives to the pockets of wait staff, tablets have become ubiquitous in nearly … [Continue reading]

Tips to Integrate Traditional and Digital Marketing

For all the doom-saying about traditional marketing and media, it’s not dead—not even close. A Nielsen survey conducted last year shows Americans still watch over three hours of live television every day—not counting DVR or online programming where … [Continue reading]

5 Money-Management Tips for Entrepreneurs

How to stay above water while your business is growing Being an entrepreneur means being excited about the prospects of new ideas, products, and businesses. Entrepreneurs spend a lot of time finding and securing funding for new ventures, and then … [Continue reading]

Stop Blocking Employee Social Media

I'm entertained by all of the corporations that are still blocking employees from using social media.  There are a couple of instances where it does make some sense.  Defense contractors, for instance, probably shouldn't have a whole bunch of … [Continue reading]