Top 5 Referrers for April 2008

Well, here's the list from April of the top 5 referrers to this site.  Reminder: this list does not include sites like Google, Stumbleupon, and the like.  Only blogs and … [Continue reading]

Is Mike Arrington Catty?

I certainly think it's possible. You see, he can't seem to help himself sometimes. Perhaps it's just his personality? This latest bit, where he finishes calling Robert Scoble a sellout is a good example. Backstory? Way back in January, Scoble … [Continue reading]

Free Domain and Hosting from

If you live in the U.K., Germany, Austria, Switzerland, or India, is currently running a sale whereby you can get a free domain and hosting for the domain for 12 months. If you're looking into starting a blog or are wanting to start a … [Continue reading]

Adsense Deluxe, WordPress 2.5 and MySQL 5.0

Part of the issue the other day, when this site was a little more than broken, was that I had made the switch from a MySQL 4.0 database to a MySQL 5.0 database. You wouldn't think that would be an issue. Well, that would be a wrong … [Continue reading]