Blogger Interview: Jason Chance

Todays interview is with Jason Chance of Some of you might know him better from his other product, Secure Delivery. If you know of Secure Delivery but don't read Jason's blog, you're missing out. Question 1: You've shared a lot … [Continue reading]

I don’t watch Video.

My interview with Mark yesterday along with his additional response ("Why I Video Blog") earlier in the week made me think a little bit more about what I really think of video blogging. And the truth is, I don't think much of it at all.  I very … [Continue reading]

Congratulations Jered!

My little brother Jered got himself engaged earlier this week. From what he's told me (which isn't all that much. shame on you little brother.) she seems like a pretty good girl. There are a few pictures and a video of the event (isn't the web … [Continue reading]

Blogger Interview: Mark Wielgus

Todays interview is with Mark Wielgus. Mark runs the blog 45n5 is the home of the now infamous Make Money Online Top 100 list. Mark also runs the ad network Question 1: In your about page you state that you … [Continue reading]