7 Necessary Sales Skills: Overcome Objections

If you've been doing a little closing and have asked for the sale but not made the sale, chances are you've run into an objection that hasn't been overcome yet. If you find out what the objection is, you've still got a potential customer on your … [Continue reading]

7 Necessary Sales Skills: Closing and Follow-Up

Affleck Ribisi Boiler room

All the listening, questioning and supporting in the world won't do you a darn bit of good if you can't close. Ever seen the movie Boiler Room? Ben Affleck's character give a little speech towards the front of the movie on sales tactics. He … [Continue reading]

7 Necessary Sales Skills: Supporting Needs

If you've effectively listened to your customer and then effectively questioned your customer, you've probably got a pretty good idea of what that customer really is looking for. It's time to begin selling your customer on what you've got to satisfy … [Continue reading]

What is Qassia?

I got an email today asking me to check out this new beta program called Qassia. I went over, signed up and started poking around. This is what I was shown right away just before signing up. Hi! Welcome to my profile page at Qassia, the most … [Continue reading]