Amazon Aquires Woot!

Woot announced it earlier today on their blog, and it seems official enough. Amazon has acquired Woot! Based on the email there from the CEO, included in the Woot! blog post, it doesn’t look like much will change, except that Woot! will be a subsidiary of Amazon.

From the blog post:

To be uncharacteristically serious for half a nanosecond, yes, Woot has signed an agreement to be acquired by Amazon. It shouldn’t change anything much for us or you after the deal closes, we just figured you’d like to know a few details. You see, when two companies meet over drinks and some light jazz and decide they’d like to get to know each other better…

This could be a good thing for both companies.  Amazon gets an outlet for some of it’s slower moving stock as well as a great place to offload their closeouts.  Woot! gets what is likely a never ending supply of products.  Overall, a pretty blah move by Amazon.  Nothing that is gonna change the world for sure.  It’s not even really an industry changer.

Bottom line, if Amazon changes nothing with Woot!, the only difference will be the name on the checks of the employees.

*UPDATE: It looks like the product pluses that I was talking about are already in effect.  Today’s Woot is a Amazon Kindle for $149.  If you’ve been looking for one, now might be the time to head over to and get one. The regular price at Amazon for a Amazon Kindle is $189.

Kindle Publishing for Blogs Now Open for Everyone

I just got done signing up and publishing most of my blogs to the Kindle Publishing for blogs program.  It’s extremely easy to sign up, and even easier to add a blog.  There’s been a bit of talk about how there doesn’t seem to be any sort of ownership verification, so you could potentially claim any blog that has a feed.  I wouldn’t suggest doing that, as it is viewed as stealing and I can’t imagine that Amazon is going to treat people who do it maliciously very well.

If you do own a blog, however, go and sign up.  Add your blog(s).  It’s just another way to get your blog out there where people can read it and another way to monetize your blog.  Kindles are rediculously popular right now and are only showing signs of becoming more so.  The potential is pretty good and if you get in now while the pickings are slim, you just might get a few subscribers.

Here’s the link to sign up: Amazon Kindle Publishing for Blogs

It would seem that the blogs are being approved rather quickly but will still take up to 72 hours to appear in the Kindle store.  If you want to receive Thatedeguy on your Kindle, here’s the link: Thatedeguy on Kindle

Don’t have a Kindle yet?  Neither do I.  But we could buy a Kindle at Amazon.

New Pirate Bay Amazon Plugin for Firefox

There’s a new plugin for firefox on the market.  And it’s a bit of a bad apple.  It’s purpose is to take the product that you are looking at on Amazon and giving you the link to the torrent to download the file off of Pirate Bay.  Useful?  Perhaps for you pirates out there.

When the add-on is installed, it integrates a new “download 4 free” button into the Amazon product page when the same article is also available via The Pirate Bay. It works for CDs, DVDs, games, books and basically all products that can be converted to a digital format.

So, when you go searching for the new Guns and Roses album, you see a link to the download for that album on Pirate Bay for free.  Despite the moral implications to pirating these things rather than paying for them, it is an interesting usage of technology.  In fact, if you wanted to, you could think of it as a comparison shopping engine where the site being compared always loses to the site being compared to.

Also, if you follow the link above and then through to the site where the plugin is supposed to be, it isn’t anymore.  Whether it was taken down by traffic or through other reasons is unclear.  A 403 is all that’s left at the moment.

Amazon Does Customer Vote for Holidays Again

Despite some growing pains and troubles last year, it seems that Amazon has decided to do the customer vote program again this year along with some pretty nice Black Friday specials.

The concept behind Customer Vote is pretty cool actually.  They put up three items and show you what the price will be for the special and how many of them will be available.  You then vote for which one of the specials you would most like to take advantage of.  On the designated day (there are 6 rounds) for each round, all the members who voted for the winning special get thrown into a random drawing and some of them (up to the amount of items) get an email that allows them to take advantage of the special.

Even if your special doesn’t win, you might still get a chance at the item at a slightly less spectacular special, so it does make some sense to vote for what you really want rather than the current winner.  The first round ends on the 27th of November 2008 and the last round ends on the 3rd of December so you’ve got a few days to get your votes in.

They’ve also got some pretty decent black friday specials that are worth checking out, but the big draw will be the Customer Vote specials.