Do You Have a Marketing Team?

Maki at DoshDosh had a very interesting article. He entitled it “The Blogger’s Guide to Team Marketing: Working Together for Traffic and Exposure.” At first, I have to admit that I thought he was describing what a lot of bloggers already do. We publicize our blogging friends. It’s a bit of a unwritten code. You scratch my back, I scratch yours. But then I read it a little fuller. And he may be on to something. It’s still rather informal, but it’s a tad more formal than the scratching bit.

It’s basic bones are to form a small “marketing team” of like minded bloggers in your niche.  That team then is available to others on the team to bounce ideas off of, guest posting, as well as helping with pushing each other’s content.  It’s an interesting idea.  It’s slightly more formal than the informal system that exists in the ethereal smoke of the blogosphere.  Would it work?  I’m not sure.  I think it could, but there are a couple of important factors.  The team would have to consist of equally minded bloggers.  Those bloggers would also need to be in roughly the same skill level.  A beginning blogger isn’t going to produce the same amount or quality of content as many of the veterans.  Most importantly, the team would need to have some set rules.  Rules that lay down how certain issues would be handled.  Removing or adding a new blogger to the team for instance.  There would also have to be limits of some sort as to which posts and how many posts can be submitted to the team for pushing.  Nobody wants to be spammed by the team with every post they write.  Maki suggests that each team member gets one post per week that can be pushed.

Would it be worthwhile?  Perhaps.  There are some issues (see above) as well as some locality issues (hard to push Iced Tea recipes if it’s winter) and also some issues with equality.  In the end, I think what you would end up with is a smaller version of the current scheme or an elitist group that would be blind to the forest for their trees.

There’s not much room for error and it would be a delicate balance.  Do you have a marketing team like this?  The only public examples that I can really point to would be a blog network like b5media, but that isn’t really the same.  Maybe I’m missing something and this is already a popular tool for bloggers?