Sweet Camera Hack for Canon P&S Cameras

I like to take photos. I would absolutely love to have a nice Nikon D80 with a couple of nice lenses and use that for all my photo taking needs. What I have instead is a Canon S2 IS point and shoot. It’s not a horrible camera and certainly does some very nice things. Besides, the photos you make are more a function of the photographer than they are the camera.

Anywho, back to the subject of the post. Thanks to LifeHacker, I now have something fun to try with my S2 IS. A nice firmware hack that allows me a few extra features that I didn’t have before. Features like RAW that I really do want to play with. Now, if only I hadn’t bent my only memory card in half the other day, I could give this a try. Off to WalMart to buy a new card I guess.

UPDATE: I went up to Walmart and got another card and gave this firmware hack a try. And Holy heck is it awesome. All kinds of cool stuff can be done now. Makes a person wonder why Canon wouldn’t just give these options in an “Advanced” menu anyways?