Help Out an Animal in Need

One of the soft spots that I have is for animals.  And a subset of those hold an even dearer spot.  (besides my pets that is.)  And that would be the animals in shelters.  Unlike a homeless human, there is nothing that they can do (besides look cute) to better their situation.  They can’t go out and get a job to pay for an apartment or food.  They depend upon their guardians (Workers at the shelters in this case) to supply them for both food and a roof.  Without those guardians, it’s impossible to say what might become of them, but I’d venture to guess it wouldn’t be very good.

All that being said, there’s something extremely simple that you can do to help those animals.  Join me and others (like Logan) in visiting this voting site and vote.  Of course, I’d like you to vote for the James River Humane Society of Jamestown, ND, but I’ll understand if you decide to vote for something a little more local to you.  Either way, you’re taking part in something that will make a difference for a lot of animals.  It could mean that a shelter is able to afford to keep a dog from being euthanized for a little bit longer and given one last chance to find a happy home.

Please vote.