Apple Fanboys get Burned. Whiners.

<rant> (you’ve been warned)

Look.  If you’re going to be a devout fanboy, you can’t whine when you get burned.  So what, you sat in line for 24 hours and got one of the very first Apple iPhones.  Do I feel sorry for you?  No.  What now?  Steve Jobs announces a $200 price drop for new iPhones.  Whoops.  I guess that’s what you get for being a fanboy.

Of course, Steve isn’t blind or deaf, so your whining did get you $100 of that back if you bought early.  You’re lucky to be getting even that.  Frankly, if you’re dumb enough to be so enraptured with a company or item that you’re willing to stand in line for more than an hour or so for the ability to buy it, you deserve to pay a premium for the item.  The only good reason to do that is to take advantage of someone stupider by selling it on eBay for twice the premium you paid for it.  That’s a good use of your time in line.  Getting paid for it.

And why was the iPhone such a brilliantly great gadget up until the other day?  What changed?  When you thought it was a  $600 gadget it was the greatest phone ever.  At $400, it’s suddenly a horrible gadget from a horrible company?  BullSh!t.  You got your teensy feelings hurt and you’re holding a grudge.

And what the hell were you doing paying $600 for a phone in the first place?  You’re probably the same people who complain when your $300 bottle of wine doesn’t have the exact taste it was supposed to.  If you can afford to waste $300 on a bottle of wine, you have no right to complain about it.  What you should be complaining about is how people like you have way too much damn money and it isn’t fair to smarter, more sensible people.

Consider that $100 premium you paid a fee that you pay to Apple for being allowed to be a Fanboy.  And don’t think for one minute that I’m letting you get away with the “early adopter”, cutting edge, bull either.


P.S. Gizmodo has a few ways that you might (might) be able to get more than $100 back.

< /rant>

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Video Blogging: The Future. But What About the Ugly People?

Uglycast:Season 1Unless you’ve been living under a large rock and watching the Cavemen show, you know that video blogging (vidcasts, video podcasts, vlogs, etc…) are all the rage. And in all honesty, they probably are the future of blogging. We’ve all grown tired (calloused) to the same ol’, same ol’ text blogging. Anybody can do that! Let’s do it verbally. On camera. And post it to our blog! Brilliant!

It’s all well and good, but what about the ugly people? No longer do we have the z-list of bloggers, we have the ugly list of video bloggers. Those poor unfortunate few who hit every branch of the ugly tree on the way down. I’d like to think that we’d all look past that and see them for their content, but who am I kidding.

Amanda CongdonThere is no way that you can tell me that RocketBoom would have been so darn popular without Amanda Congdon. Would it have been just as good if it was hosted by say, William Hung? By the way, when’s the last time you heard (read) the word RocketBoom? I don’t think I’ve heard it in months. Ever since the Amanda Congdon thing blew over. Does anyone still watch it? Do they still make thousands an episode in advertising?

Hiding maskWhat happens when the ugly vloggers start snarking on the more popular vloggers? (yes, I’m aware that snarking is dangerously close to a British slang term for fornication) What defense will they have? They can’t claim that it’s the content that they are typing… Well, they could, but we’d all know better. What are they going to say? “Put out some prettier content and you can become a popular vlogger!”, isn’t exactly going to go over very well.

Look. Yes, I’m being a little snarky myself. There really isn’t anything that is going to stand in the way of video blogging becoming the next big thing. In some ways, it’s already happened. I’m still debating whether I will pick up a video camera and join the ranks. I don’t have much to hide and I’m certainly not scared, but it’s a little bit like the first day of high school. Nothing is hidden and everything is scrutinized.

Anyone know a good CGI artist that can do voice sync animation on the cheap?

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Hillary Clinton: Nutcracker

hillary nutcrackerI’ll try not to take any political jabs at the lady, but I had to throw this up here as I find it extremely funny. Mrs. Clinton has a reputation of being a bit of a battleaxe so it’s no surprise that someone came up with the idea. It is a bit of a surprise that they followed through with it and created the actual item.

The Hillary Nutcracker can be yours for a small price of $19.95! It really might become something of a collectors item eventually. Worth more or less depending on whether she runs sucessfully or not. Anyone want to buy me one?

UPDATE: You can pick them up at Amazon for $39.95. Apparently, someone is trying to take a bit of a premium for the product…

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Why I’m against sponsored themes on

It took me a while to come to the conclusion that I am against having sponsored themes on In any case, it doesn’t make much difference what I think as they already stated that there will be no sponsored themes on

Both sides of the argument have some very good points. On the one side, you have respected members of the wordpress community like Matt and Mark at Weblog Tools Collection. For those that don’t know, Matt is the head honcho of sorts at Automattic. Automattic is the company that develops wordpress. In his post on weblog tools collection, Matt makes a bit of a moral stand on the subject. And in most regards, he is right. needs to be careful how these subjects are handled.

The main debate is over whether sponsored themes should be allowed in the theme viewer. I agree with Matt and others when I say that they do not. It’s absolutely nothing against sponsored theme developers, but looking at it from the wordpress point of view, anything that is on the theme viewer can be construed as being “supported” or “endorsed” by the organization. Every time a user of wordpress downloads a sponsored theme from theme viewer and then discovers the link, he/she will blame wordpress for it. Should they? No. But they will regardless.

The other argument against sponsored themes is that the sponsored link can often be interpreted as being spam. I disagree. The developer is completely within their rights to sell a link on their work. Just as I am within my rights to sell links here on Thatedeguy (which I consider my work). They cannot, however, require that the link remain while it is in use. It’s against the GPL that wordpress runs on. So, the argument against them on spam reasons is really quite weak. Besides, most people are savvy enough to remove the link if they find it.

It’s the finding of the link that makes up another part of the argument. Many of these sponsored themes are not labeled as such. They make no mention in any of the documentation about the sponsored link. My thought here are that it is very similar to paid posts on a blog. I’m o.k. with you doing them, but you really must let me know which ones are paid and which are not. Especially if you want my repeat business. Lose too many repeat customers and you end up with less and less sponsors. Then we won’t have to have this argument.

What it really comes down to is that sponsored themes don’t belong on for the simple fact that any themes that are on there are considered to be “endorsed” by the wordpress organization. That shines a bad light on the organization. They aren’t trying to stop the practice, they just don’t want to be perceived as endorsing it. I can understand and get behind that.

But, let’s play devil’s advocate for a minute or two.

Many of these developers work very hard on their themes. Many are of a professional level and they deserve to be paid for their work. Because of the free nature of most wordpress themes, there really isn’t much of a market for paid wordpress themes. So how else do you earn a little money for your work than to sell sponsorships of your themes? Everybody gets what they want right? The sponsor gets hundreds if not thousands of links. The developer gets a little green in their pocket. And the blogger gets a professional level theme for the expected price of free. It’s a pretty good business model.

As an online entrepreneur, I have a hard time saying that the idea of a disclosed sponsored theme is a bad one. Coders have to eat too! I still think that wordpress is in the right here. There are plenty of other places to get your themes listed. None have the clout of the wordpress theme viewer, but they’ll grow as the sponsored theme business grows and people discover that the wordpress theme viewer is not all encompassing.

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