HP Magic Giveaways Day 1

So, today starts the giveaways for the HP Magic giveaway spectacular.  (They should be paying me for doing all this advertising, but they aren’t)  There are three sites that are starting their giveaways today.  There’s a calendar for when all 50 are going live if you’re interested.

The three going live today are:

  • Bleeping Computer.  Relatively easy to enter.  Register for forums, fill out a form and agree to their rules.  Easy rules, basically saying you won’t sell items and you have to give away some of the items.
  • Gear Live. Pretty simple, sign up on the site, use twitter to send a message then leave comment on post.  A couple chances to get bonus entries as well.  Gotta be signed in to get to the post it seems, so you might have to go to gearlive.com and start there by registering.
  • Windows Connected. Also relatively easy to enter.  Send a really short email to them explaining what you’ll do with it all and agree not to sell it and also agree to share some of it.

Thus far, I’ve only entered the Bleeping Computer giveaway.  Mostly because it really was that easy.  It also looks like if you win one of these prizes, you automatically become ineligible for any of the rest of them.  Not a big deal really since one should be enough.  Here’s hoping I have to worry about that rule…

Ashwin is giving away $2500. Fraud?

UPDATE: It would appear that this contest may have truly been a complete sham.  I was afraid that it was, but thought I’d try for the hell of it.  I’ve changed the links to ashwin’s blog to rel=”nofollow” links.  I won’t be seen giving link love to a scam artist.  I’m leaving the links there, however, as I think it may be worth while for some that are unfamiliar with the contest to see the original page.  If it stays up that is.  My thanks to Contest Blogger for the pointing out that Ashwin Khanna is full of crap.  P.S. wouldn’t it be fun if that post on Contest Blogger ranked #1 in the SERPs for Ashwin Khanna?

Ashwin Khanna seems to have taken someone’s advice to heart and started a contest on his new (relatively) blog. He’s giving away $2500 by paypal to one lucky winner and all that winner needs to do copy the following text into a post:

Over at Ashwin’s blog, you will find one crazy blog owner!! You can win $2500!! To enter just copy this text and paste it in your blog!! But hurry, this competition will not last long! So get posting!

Seems pretty simple. Not sure how he plans on finding the entrants so I’ll be adding a comment to the thread to make sure.

It also seems that there are a few people who think that the whole contest is a fraud. Nobody seems to believe that he has the money or will even give the money away. I read someone say that he’ll probably just announce an accomplice as a winner and then not have to give the money away. Unfortunately for Ashwin, he didn’t lay down all the laws for the contest right away so that’s just fuel for the fire. He’s since added a deadline of August 20, 2007 and stated that there must be at least 50 entrants before the contest will be valid.

Either way, I’m entering. It doesn’t cost me much to throw a link up to his blog and if I win, well, I’ll be $2500 richer!

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Free PR7 link: Contest at Binary Moon

With all the hubub around the PR update that some say is going on right now, it’s a good time to start thinking about building links for the next round of updates in the 4th quarter.

Ben at Binary Moon is holding a bit of a contest.  All you have to do is write a short article/post with a link to a page in his archives.  Once you posted that post, simply head on over to the contest thread and leave a comment with the URL of the post and you’re entered.  The contest ends on the 15th of August, so hurry if you plan on participating.

There really isn’t any clear rules for how to win the contest, so it could be a drawing or maybe Ben is just going to pick a few favorites.  Hard to say really.  Maybe he’ll stop by here and clarify that for us.

In any case, I’m almost always in when someone dangles a carrot high PR link in my face.   What’s better is that Ben states flat out that he’ll delete any comments that are right out spammy or not even closely related.  What that means is that any links he does give will be filtered and will all be relevant.  Decreases the chance of any penalty for non-relevant link abundance.

What are you waiting for?  Go write a post and sign up for the contest!

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To heck with Apple, I want a Zune!

I can’t really afford to buy either one of them myself, but I just might be able to win one with this fun little entry into John Chow’s latest “Evil Blog Contest.” John runs the blog at JohnChow.com where he takes us all along in his journey to make money on the internet. He’s done a pretty good job of it too. I believe the last total was over $3000 in one month. I can barely scrape out a tenth of that. Maybe I should read a little closer.

Anyways. Back to the contest. John is giving away a Microsoft Zune in his latest Evil Blog Contest. And I want one! I’ve seen a few iPods, and they are certainly nice and flashy, but for whatever reason, I like the Zune better. Something about not being a Applehead and not buying into the hype.

Wish me luck!

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