Youtube-eBay-Amazon Mashup Results and Thoughts

Ever since I started using Mark’s script for a Youtube eBay Amazon Mashup site, I’ve been meaning to do this post. I don’t have much for results, but I do have my share of thoughts. If you were a reader when I started using it, you’ll know that I modified the script to display Adsense’s Youtube video spots instead of just random Youtube spots. (You can Download that version of the YouTube eBay Amazon Mashup script)

The only true stats that I can give you are the stats on those spots. In the roughly 3 months that I’ve been running the script, I’ve managed less than 10 clicks on just over 2000 views. For those of you that are as mathematically challenged as I am, that’s a CTR% of about .42%. Not exactly a stellar performance. While I don’t track the eBay and Amazon hits from these sites, I’m fairly certain that I haven’t made any sales through those sites. Again, not exactly stellar.

In all fairness to the script, I haven’t done any sort of marketing for these sites. I have no intention of leaving them with this script and would like to develop them into sites at some point, but just haven’t had the time. I threw the script up as a “holder” that hopefully will help them get indexed easier and quicker when I do develop them. And it does work pretty well for that. They certainly haven’t attained hundreds of links in the search engines but each has somewhere between 10 and 20. That’s pretty good. Especially for what is essentially a parked domain. And it isn’t nearly as spammy as those ad scraping parking pages that you see elsewhere. I like that.

Overall, I’m happy with the script. It’s accomplished the goals I set for it. Mark did a wonderful job of making it really easy to implement, and the script itself is easy enough to understand that I was able to modify it to add the YouTube Adsense spots. If you’re looking for a “parking” spot for your unused domains, you can do much worse than the YouTube eBay Adsense mashup script.

YouTube Adsense for 45n5’s YEA Mashup Script

After some pondering that resulted from a conversation about landing/holding pages for undeveloped domains and Mark’s sharing of a $99 commission from a site running his YouTube, Ebay, Amazon mashup site script, I decided it was time to give it a try. It really is as easy to use as Mark makes it out to be. And what a great way to get your keywords into a holding page while developing the site!  The hardest part was getting the developer ids if you don’t already have them. I had the eBay one, and had to get the YouTube and Amazon ones.

After setting up the ids, you simply change a few things to set options and upload. That easy. Only one thing stuck out to me. The eBay auctions use your affiliate codes for the auctions, so you get affiliate earnings from them. Same goes for the Amazon listings. The YouTube video, on the other hand earns you nothing except embedded video on the cheap.

Being the tinkerer that I am, I decided to try and integrate the Adsense YouTube units instead of the normal YouTube units. The idea being that the video will then be monetized. And we like monetization! So, after a bit of tinkering last night and some coding this morning, I got it to work. And I’m going to share it with you!

If you’ve used Mark’s script before, you’ll notice a few slight changes. The code that calls the YouTube video has changed slightly, but you shouldn’t have to make any further changes. What you will have to do, is go and get the script code for the Adsense YouTube and put it into the stufftochange.php file. You’ll see where. I’ve taken the liberty of throwing in a true/false flag so that you can turn off the Adsense YouTube units if you choose and go back to the regular units. Simply change the flag from a 1 to a 0. Simple, no?

If you haven’t used the script before, you obviously won’t notice any changes. But there aren’t any instructions included in the download, so you’ll want to go over to and watch the tutorial video for the script that Mark put together.

So, without further adieu, Download the YouTube Ebay Amazon (YEA) script! The licensing still belongs to Mark, so it’s still his link in the footer that you have to leave there.  Small price to pay for a great script.  Thanks Mark!

Oh, if you want to see some examples of this modified script in action, check out the following sites:

eBay affiliate ads get sophisticated

If you have a website that you use to push your eBay wares, like I have, you most likely have tried to monetize it in other ways as well. Whether you use Adsense, Adbrite, Text Link Ads, or any of the other myriad services that are available, you’ll want to check out Auction Ads.

They function(and look) a lot like an Adsense ad. The trick is that they are for eBay auctions. You can select any keywords that you want and when someone buys, you get a portion of it. The better part of this is that Auction Ads is using one big affiliate to pull all the auctions in with, so the performance tiering is working in everyones favor. Instead of only selling one item a month and getting the lowest tier, you will be selling only one item a month at a much higher tier because all the rest of the users are selling on the same account.

The only thing I would have like to see is some more advanced settings for selecting the auctions. Currently, you only get to insert keywords, but I would like to have the ability to select auctions by seller ID or by price or by ending time or any of the other options that I already have with the eBay editor kit.

I’ve signed up for the service, but haven’t implemented any ads yet and have some ads running on eBay Habit. I’m fairly sure that I will be doing so pretty soon though. Just waiting on a little more free time to tinker with the setup and such.

I’ve done a little “asking” around, and while it doesn’t show on the website anywhere, Auction Ads users receive 100% of the revenue. That makes me wonder where they will be getting their money from. The answer I get for that is that they are in “growth” mode which leads me to even more questions. First among them is whether there will suddenly be a revenue share after users get used to the program and get set on using it.

Anybody got any further info on the revenue/business model here? Just can’t see it being a free service forever.

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Ebay begins chasing Sellers away

Ebay announce a rather flat 2Q this morning. Hidden amongst the earnings report, an email was sent out from Bill Cobb to all ebay sellers entitled “Resetting the balance of the eBay Marketplace.” After reading the email, I’ve decided that the best way to translate that is to reword it a little and add a little as well. My revamped title reads “Resetting the balance of the eBay Marketplace by thinning out the sellers such that competition drops and final values rise, enabling eBay to make more in Final Value Fees.”

Such Bull$#!7. Excuse my language.

For many of us small time sellers on eBay, selling is a hobby. We don’t do it to make a living and really don’t have any aspirations of doing so anytime soon.

My wife and have been selling on eBay for a little over a year and only recently have we begun using the store add on. While eBay appears to be leaving the core(auction) listing fees and FVF(final value fees) alone, the store listing fees have more than tripled.

  • These Store Inventory format insertion fees take effect Aug. 22, 2006:
Starting Price New Insertion Fee Current Fee
$0.01 — 24.99 5¢ 2¢
$25.00 and higher 10¢ 2¢
  • Some Store Inventory format final value fees also will also increase, effective Aug. 22, 2006:


Selling Price New Final Value Fee Current Fee
$0.01 — 25.00 10% 8%
$25.01 — 100.00 7% 5%
$100.01 — 1,000.00 5% (no change) 5%
$1,000.01 and higher 3% (no change) 3%

Do you read that clear? It’s a $.03 to $.08 jump in listing fees. It’s a flat 2% jump in FVF’s for anything $100 or less. That pretty much covers everything that my wife and I sell. Now, most of you might be saying “that’s not so bad”, but the thing you have to take into consideration is that at the moment, we have over 150 items listed in our store. The average final value of those items that sell is $9.00.

Lets do the math. 150*$.04(guess/average jump of listing fees)=$6.00. 150*9*2% = $27. That’s $6.00 above and beyond what we already pay in listing fees per month. And an extra $27 on top of that once the items do sell. We already pay $15.99 a month for the store. That means I need to see a 4% increase in sales over what I already do to break even to where I am now. It may not sound like much, but trust me it may break our little enterprise.

Bill explains further:

While core listings typically sell in about two weeks, Store Inventory listings on average take 14 times longer to sell.

I see. It sounds like they are out for the good of the seller, but in reality, they are trying to line their pockets even more. To list a core listing for two weeks would cost approximately $0.50. That’s without any bells and whistles. Add on Gallery(most do) and that price comes to $1.30. Currently a store listing with Gallery racks up $.03 per 30 days. 28 weeks/30 days=6.53*$.03=$0.20. If we assume that the final value is equal(store listings usually sell for more) then eBay loses out on a potential $1.10 in listing fees per item. No wonder they want to charge store sellers out.

That $1.10 spread out over the millions of store listings makes a pretty good chunk of change that certainly would help their bottom line.

Bill, if your listening, let me be very clear here. What you have done will NOT help sellers. Store listed inventory has a lower overhead and generally sells for a higher price. My average auction listing FVF is $5. My store average is twice that. If I can sell items in my store for twice the price as I can in an auction and have a lower overhead, that helps me. That helps me make more money. Money that I spend on more inventory which I list on your site. More inventory for me means more fees for you. Now, I may have to close my store and find another venue to sell those items.
Greedy Bastards.

For more on eBay visit eBay Habit!

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