Connor: 1 Year


This week you turned 1 year old. I have to be honest with you and say that it really didn’t seem like that long. The last few months, especially, have flown by. It seems like you learn something new each and every day.

Earlier this month, you discovered that that fleshy appendage in your mouth called a tongue can actually extend out of your mouth. Now it seems like it’s out more often than it’s in. It’s great for tasting things like sour skittles.

wagonride7You are disastrously close to walking. You’re able to stand on your own and sometime seem like you are thinking real hard about just saying to hell with the crawling business and just heading out across the room. As you get more and more comfortable with it, you get braver and braver. Of course, that means a few extra ka-booms than with the crawling. In some ways, your mother and I really do want you to start walking but we are dreadfully aware that that will mean that you will get around that much better and will be able to get into trouble much easier.

While we’re on the subject of trouble. You’re beginning to understand what we mean when we say no. You nearly always stop whatever it is that you are doing long enough to look at us to make sure we see when you go right back to doing it. Temper tantrums usually follow. It’s not that you truly are a troublemaker. It’s more about exploring the boundaries than anything, or at least I hope its that and not the former.

A couple of months ago, we pulled out the Little Tikes Wagon that we bought you at a garage sale, and now we can’t let you see it without a fight over whether we should be enslaved to pulling it 24 hours a-day. Safe to say you like it I think. Swings are much the same. Which would be why we got one for you. It distracts you from the wagon. And it doesn’t take as much effort on our parts which frees us up to do other things around the yard. Your pseudo-aunt and uncle, Jake and Jennie, bought you a small pool this weekend. We filled it up and you played in it so hard that we barely got you out of your swimsuit and you fell asleep. Needless to say we’ll be keeping that full as much as possible.

SwingsYour mother sometimes wishes that you were still a small little bundle (which is why you will probably have at least one brother or sister) but I have to admit that the last few months have been awesome. You no longer operate just on a bottle and a nap. You are beginning to get a personality and interact with the people and things around you. It is amazing to watch how quickly you learn things and also scary how quickly your learn them. We can’t seem to do anything without you repeating it directly afterwards.

There are so many things that you have left to learn and I’m stuck between wishing you would learn them now and remembering that it will seem like it’s only been a day or two before you’re 18 and off to college or somewhere. Soon enough, you’ll be asking to borrow the car for a date.

For now, you’ll have to settle for the wagon.

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Our little man managed to make an impression somewhere along the lines and he got himself into a picture that made it onto a billboard here in town. Nothing like a 14 foot baby!


We had to sign releases and such to allow them to do it. We didn’t get paid at all, which is fine. It’ll be a great story for him later on when he’s a little older.

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Are you down with the sickness?

What an interesting week it’s been. We spent last Thursday and Friday nights in the hospital with our son who was dehydrated from Rotavirus and needed to be attached to an IV for fluids. Then I was home with him Monday afternoon and all day Tuesday.

I finally made it back to work Wednesday morning only to go home at 11:30 because I seem to have caught the Rotavirus. I’ve been playing couch potato and this afternoon is the first day that I’ve been able to sit at a computer for more than 10 minutes with out getting light headed. Still isn’t a picnic in the park, but getting better.

This Rotavirus is some nasty stuff. Pretty much lost all appetite. Constantly weak and unable to really sit or stand for long periods of time. And up until this afternoon, didn’t dare try any real food beyond some saltines and gatorade.

Fun, Fun.

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I made it just past 8 pm on Wednesday and then fell straight into a stomach flu induced couch potato episode.  I spent most of yesterday weak and woozy and unable to eat a darn thing.  Now, I’m feeling much better but my 8 month old son seems to have something that is similar.  The doctors think it might be Rotovirus.  Sounds like all kinds of fun.  And just in time for the weekend!

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