Connor ~ 3 Months

Connor Sleeping in the pack 'n' playConnor,

You’ve grown so big in the last 3 months.  We haven’t had you weighed and measured since 2 months, but even then you were at 12lbs 13 ounces and a long 24 inches.  You’ve gained on those by quite a bit in the month since.

We took you up to Wal*Mart on your birthday and exposed you to the torture that is getting you picture taken at the picture studio.  Of course, the pictures turned out really well and we couldn’t help ourselves when we bought extras.  You’ll owe us for that later.  I’ve added it to your bill.

Just last week you began using consonant sounds in you cooing.  Secretly, I can’t wait until you begin talking.  At the same time, I know that it will mean that our language will have to get that much more clean and that you’re beginning to grow up.  You’ve already outgrown your 0-3 month clothes.

You also are beginning to grab at things much more successfully now.  Before you would grab at things, but using your thumbs was out of the question.  Now, you grab hold and refuse to let go unless you decide something needs to be thrown.

Connor SmilingAs yet, the best thing you’ve done in the last few months was to begin smiling.  Not just the “poop” grimace/smile either.  Full fledged open mouth grins whenever someone talks to you or plays with you.  It’s as if you don’t have a care in the world and everything is so darn funny.  I suppose at the moment, you really don’t have a care besides getting fed.  And you do that plenty.

It’s been so amazing to watch you learn new things and gain control over things that you had no control over before.  Little steps on the way to learning bigger things and gaining control over everything. Ok, truth be told, you control everything already.  But someday in the way to near future you’ll be making decisions that will affect the rest of your life.

Connor with MomEach day you a new piece of your personality emerges and each day you teach your mother and I something new about you.  And we love getting to know you.

We love our little man.


note: you can click on the pictures for larger versions.

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Connor – Week 1

Connor SleepingConnor,

One week ago Monday I watched as you came into this world. In a fraction of a second, my world changed entirely. Nearly everything I had planned for the future changed instantly. It’s amazing to me how much of a miracle it is to watch your children being born. I sincerly hope that you are afforded that chance someday. Just not for another 20+ years, I hope.

It’s a big scary world out here. I fear that I will not be able to do enough to protect you from it’s evils. At the same time, I refuse to shelter you too much either. You should know a hardship or two. It builds character. You will think me harsh to say that, but it truly does. I dearly want to teach you to avoid those hardships, but I realize that you will want to do things your own way sometimes and that will lead to mistakes. But I will sincerely try and teach you the lessons that I learned from my mistakes.

connor towelEach and every day since you have been born has been a learning experience for your mother and I.  You are truly a blessing and even though you wake us up in the middle of the night and refuse to sleep when you should, we wouldn’t want to be without you.

You’re mother and I love you dearly and we’ve only just met.



P.S. I know it’s just a time for being cold now, but bathtime will get more fun later!

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It’s a Boy!

My wife delivered a wonderful baby boy at 1:32 this afternoon. All involved are healthy and well. I’ll post more when I get the chance, but it’s back to the hospital with me! His name is Connor Michael. He weighed in at 8 pounds 4 ounces and 21 and 1/2 inches long.

ConnorDay1 Connorday1-2 ConnorDay1-3

Connor, baby, its a boy, new arrival, baby boy

Any hour now

Well, we’ve progressed from any day now to any hour essentially.  If the baby isn’t born between now and tomorrow evening at 7, we go in for induction.  At that point, if all goes according to plan, the baby will be born sometime late sunday night or early Monday.

As a result, posting frequency may go down for the next week as we get settled.  I’ll be back sometime this week with pictures and an introduction to the newest addition!

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