Top 5 Referrers for February 2008

Here’s the list of the top 5 referrers in order for the month of February 2008.

Not a great bit of change in the top two, but the last three are somewhat surprising.  The referrals are coming from a very old post.  From what I can tell the MathewLesko blogspot traffic is actually Mr. Lesko’s actual blog.  He’s calling me out on something I wrote in a previous post.  I’d love to respond, but he has comments turned off. :(  And the Grandforkslife traffic is from a blogroll link.  I should note that I’ve weeded the list down to eliminate traffic from social sites and portals.  I’d rather show real referrals from fellow blogs than from stumbleupon or digg.

I’m hoping that the added activity around here this coming month will throw a little bit of a cog into this list and shake it up a bit.  We’ll see.

Some other random traffic notes.   The site received 10,456 pageviews and 8,572 unique visits in March.  Google accounts for 60.90% of search engine visits.  Yahoo! only accounts for 26.84% of search engine visits.

Online Income for February 2008

For being a short month, February still turned into a decent month.  Still not what I would like it to be, but good nonetheless.  Slightly better than January, which is good since I expected to continue the holiday drop off.  Here’s the numbers:

  • TLA: $34.63
  • Adsense: $180.33
  • Linkworth: $49.00
  • Amazon: $14.76
  • Kontera: $48.47
  • ClixGalore: $10.25

Grand Total: $337.44

That’s an increase of $2.17  or 0.65% over January.  Like I said, I was expecting the continuation of a drop off from the holiday sales peak, but that didn’t happen to much.  You’ll see that Amazon sales dropped a little, but that was accentuated by a few returns and March is looking good already.  Kontera is back up where I would expect it to be and ClixGalore did well this month.  Another small surprise is the increase in TLA income.  Though slight, it’s more than I expected this month.  I quit using them here on this site, but one of the other sites actually sold a majority of it’s inventory after I lowered the price a smidge.

Overall, I’m happy with February’s results.  It should be interesting to see the affect of all the hullaballoo going on here in March on the income.  I’m hoping for some increases, but we’ll see.