Blogging Idol?

It’s an interesting concept.  I have to wonder about copyright infringement and how long it will be before Fox puts the DMCA smack down on.

Basic concept is you take a bunch of blogs that sign up for the contest, and see which one becomes the blogging idol by increasing their feed reader count the most.  So far, they’ve got about $1500 in prizes and only 50 blogs that are competing.  A 1/50th chance to pull in $1500?  Pretty good deal if you ask me.

In keeping with the “amateur” bit that their namesake uses, all entrants must have a beginning feedcount of less than 1000.  It seems like a pretty well thought out contest (aside from the name), so go check it out.

Milestones (Comments and Readers)

I haven’t talked about the first milestone mostly because I don’t want to jinx it, but it’s been pretty steady for a few days now so I feel comfortable that I won’t jinx it too badly.

I’ve recently exceeded 100 subscribers to my feed.  That is spectacular.  I remember when I was frustrated when I couldn’t get above 50.  Seems like a very long time ago, but really wasn’t all that long ago.  September of last year in fact.  Then I flirted with 100 just before Christmas only to lose it for a week or two somewhere around the beginning of February.  But it’s been above for a little while, so Woo Hooo!!! I feel like I can celebrate it a little.

Now, the second milestone is one that is nearly impossible to take away from me.  See, you guys can all unsubscribe and the 100 disappears.  But you can’t take away the number of comments on my site!  The only way those are going away is if they mistakenly get deleted.  Hopefully that won’t happen anytime soon.  Sometime late last week I surpassed the 1000 comment mark.  Pretty impressive if you ask me.  Maybe not, but I like it.

I’m still a little bit away from the next milestone, 1000 posts, but that one should be coming up sometime next year.  At the moment, I’m sitting at 640 (this is 641) posts.  That only leaves 360ish to go.  One a day for a year.   I doubt I’ll post a post a day for a year, so it’ll probably be in the late summer / fall time when it happens.  We’ll see.