Jamie Oliver on Obesity

I’ve heard Jamie Oliver’s name once or twice, but usually related to his cooking shows.  I don’t know that I have ever actually seen any of them.  He was recently at TED and gave an amazing presentation on Obesity and the actions that he is taking to fight it.
(*note: The video is a bit larger than the layout here, so to see it properly, you might want to click on the ted logo in the upper left or the link under the video*)

Jamie Oliver at TED on Obesity

Incredibly well done and well worth the 20 minutes.

Miller’s Ale House of Orlando

While we are in places we normally don’t go, we try and find some local eateries rather than hitting up the local Burger King.  Sometimes it works out for us, sometimes it doesn’t.  There’s always a winner in one place or another.  When we were in San Antonio, it was the County Line BBQ.  New Orleans had a little joint down on Decateur whose name escapes me.

In Orlando, or more specifically Lake Buena Vista, it was Miller’s Ale House.  It’s a borderline call as they are a chain restaurant, but it’s very regional (all but four of the locations are in Florida).  We went there the first time because they were within a very short walk of our hotel and after a day at Epcot, we didn’t feel like walking too much more.  The special of the night?  A 1.5 pound Maine Lobster and any steak off of the menu for $26.95.  I don’t know where you live or how much you go out to eat, but even for North Dakota, that’s a very good price for that meal.

And it was spectacular.  I had the lobster with a NY Strip steak.  The steak was blackened ( It’s a type/method of seasoning) to perfection and very tender.  The lobster was a good size and was by far one of the best lobsters I’ve had in recent memory.  On the side, I upgraded my fries to what Miller’s calls “Loaded Fries”.  Basically, they’re fries that have had cheese and bacon dumped on top of them.  Not exactly healthy, but darn are they good.  Especially with a little Ranch dressing on the side.  Add to that a very refreshing Pomegranate Mojito and you’ve got a recipe for a wonderful meal.  And when you’re all done, you’ve got to try the Captain Jack’s Buried Treasure desert.  Wow.

Miller’s Ale House impressed the first time around so we made sure to visit one more time before we left.  The food the second time around wasn’t quite as good, but was still well above average.  If you ever get down into the Florida area, check them out.  It’s good quality food at a good price.