King of the Disorganized

I hereby crown myself as the King of the Disorganized.  As such, I feel it is only right that I am able to collect taxes from my subjects.  I’d rather not send around tax collectors (because I would then have to feed them), so please remit your taxes in a timely fashion.

Seriously.  I’ve even read a few books on the subject, but I remain just as disorganized as I’ve always been.  David Allen’s “Getting Things Done“?  Read that.  Great book.  Brilliantly organized fellow.  But, concepts are only so good as their implementation.  And my implementation sucks.  Gotta work on that, but creating the habits necessary is proving nearly impossible.  Well, at this point, I would say that they are proving impossible.  Not nearly, full on impossible.

My worst area is my email.  Which is especially bad considering that I prefer doing everything possible by email.  Business stuff?  By email.  9-5 job stuff? By email.  Email.  Email. Email.  And about every 2-3 weeks, I stroll through my backlog of an inbox (or inboxes as it were) and find at least 4 or 5 emails that required action that have had no action taken.  One of these days, it’s going to cost me much more than a late task.

So, that is going to be my goal over the next week or so.  I’m going to take control of my email inbox.  I’m going to create folders galore to sort and file.  And I’m going to have a follow up folder that I will check regularly.  And it will not all fall apart by the end of the month.  I hope.

Now, back to the taxes thing.  Instead of gold coins and bullion, I’d like you to submit your taxes in the form of tips and tricks that you use to keep your email in order.  And while your at it, how bout a few that you use to integrate that with your task list.