Guitar Hero is Pretty Darn Fun!

Guitar Hero IIII spent the better part of Christmas weekend and last weekend playing Guitar Hero III. That’s the best excuse for my absence here and elsewhere.  Besides the holiday itself that is.  Of all the new games that have come out, GH was not on my list. I tend to play a lot more of the football games and games like Medal of Honor.

I really had assumed that I wouldn’t like Guitar Hero at all. I was wrong. It rocks! The selection of songs is pretty darn good. And it’s difficult enough to keep you working. Of course, my fingers just wouldn’t work very well on more than the easy level. I’m sure a little practice would help that.

Unfortunately, the system we were playing it on was a PS2 so didn’t have any online capabilities. I believe you can download new songs if you’ve got a PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii. That would exponentially add to the playability. It’s much more fun when you are more than familiar with the song you’re trying to play.

Another thing that I brought back from my playing was a respect of sorts for anyone who can play this game on expert and actually get somewhere. These folks on YouTube, for instance. Simply amazing.