Online Income for February 2008

For being a short month, February still turned into a decent month.  Still not what I would like it to be, but good nonetheless.  Slightly better than January, which is good since I expected to continue the holiday drop off.  Here’s the numbers:

  • TLA: $34.63
  • Adsense: $180.33
  • Linkworth: $49.00
  • Amazon: $14.76
  • Kontera: $48.47
  • ClixGalore: $10.25

Grand Total: $337.44

That’s an increase of $2.17  or 0.65% over January.  Like I said, I was expecting the continuation of a drop off from the holiday sales peak, but that didn’t happen to much.  You’ll see that Amazon sales dropped a little, but that was accentuated by a few returns and March is looking good already.  Kontera is back up where I would expect it to be and ClixGalore did well this month.  Another small surprise is the increase in TLA income.  Though slight, it’s more than I expected this month.  I quit using them here on this site, but one of the other sites actually sold a majority of it’s inventory after I lowered the price a smidge.

Overall, I’m happy with February’s results.  It should be interesting to see the affect of all the hullaballoo going on here in March on the income.  I’m hoping for some increases, but we’ll see.

Online Income for January 2008

I was pretty sure that January wouldn’t be as nice as December, but I still thought it would be a pretty decent month.  Turns out, it was my lowest income month since last September.  There are a few things that played into that, but I’ll talk about that later.  Here’s the numbers.

  • TLA: $27.65
  • Adsense: $148.60
  • Linkworth: $49.00
  • Amazon: $21.49
  • CJ: $1.95
  • Kontera $38.53
  • Shareasale: $37.52
  • Scratchback: $5.53
  • ClixGalore: $5.00

Grand Total: $335.27

Still, not a horrible month.  Just barely missed beating out November.  The big changes are, of course, that I’ve dropped TLA from this site.  So my income from them drops from $61 in December to $27 in January.  I still haven’t seen anything that says that Google will give me my pagerank back, but that really wasn’t the reason for doing that.  It will be merely a nice bonus if they do.  Adsense went down from December (which I expected) but is still up from November.  I’ve made a few changes that will hopefully result in continued good returns from that.

Kontera seems to be plateauing a little.  I’m not going to complain.  It was way up in December, then is down about $10 from November.  Still, $40-50 a month is still a pretty good revenue stream in the grand scheme of things here.

I’ve been playing a little bit with some PPC, but without having any great luck.  A little bit here and a little bit there. Overall, down.  I’ll have to keep tweaking and see if I can’t make it work a little better for me.

I’m also planning on building up a few of my other niche sites a little bit more than they are.  Hopefully, that will allow for some better returns in the next few months.

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Online Income for December 2007

December is normally a really good month.  You’ve got to be trying to not make money.  I had a pretty good indication that it would be a good month when my adsense earnings passed Novembers within the first week.  By the end of the month, they had surpassed the entire earnings from November.  Here’s what the rest of it looked like.

  • TLA: $61.43
  • Adsense: $354.73
  • Linkworth: $49.00
  • Amazon: $38.90
  • CJ: $47.26
  • Kontera: $112.45
  • Scratchback: $5.94
  • ClickBank: $44.36
  • ClixGalore: $1.25

Grand Total for December: $715.32

Wow.  An increase of 112.97% over Novembers earnings.   The biggest gainer, obviously, was adsense.  It was only $89.59 last month, so close to a 400% increase there.  Kontera continues to increase as well.  About 150% there.  Amazon also picked up with the holiday season.  CJ and Clickbank both got a big sale and jumped the earnings up there.  I’ve completely abandoned PayPerPost.  The payout just wasn’t worth the work I found myself putting in.

I’ve made some money with scratchback, but that’s been slow at best.  If it doesn’t pick up, it’ll probably be the first casualty of the new year.  TLA is headed there as well.  December is the fourth straight month that earnings there have decreased.  Plus, getting rid of them could help get me back in Google’s graces and get my full PR back.

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Online Income Report for October 2007

Wow.   October was a good month.  At the beginning of the month, while looking back at the income for September, I said that I would like to see a 15%-20% increase in October.  I easily doubled that.  Here’s how everything ended up.

  • TLA: $104.05
  • Adsense: $34.78
  • PPP: $11.00
  • Linkworth: $49.00
  • Amazon: $6.53
  • CJ: $5.38
  • Auction Ads: $1.93
  • Private Sales: $100.00
  • Kontera: $17.32
  • Shareasale: $1.82
  • Clickbank: $26.96
  • ClixGalore: $7.50

Grand Total: $366.27

For those of us who are mathematically challenged, that’s a increase of $106.51 or 41% above Septembers earnings.   The obvious increase is in the category of Private Sales.  I think that’s a category that I’ll be exploring a little bit more here in the future.  It’s beginning to get tiring to have some of these companies taking 30%,50%, or more of the income for advertising on this site.  Some of them do add the ease and convienence of having an automated system and a marketplace, but is is worth the price?  I’m beginning to wonder.

Another obvious change is in the earnings from Kontera.  When I first signed up on July 10, my representative told me that it would take 30 days to get the system completely integrated and for it to “learn” what ads convert on my site.  So far, I’d say it’s taken about 90 days.  An increase of over 300% tells me that the system a has done a fair bit of “learning” in the last month.

Finally, some other thoughts.  PPP may be going away completely very soon.  The number of opportunities that pay anything are drying up (at least in the class of blog of the one I use for PPP) and I really just don’t have the time to troll the opportunities page to find the well paying ones.  If you don’t find them immediately, they are usually gone within minutes.

To close, I have a question of you, constant reader.  As I mentioned, I am thinking about taking a lot of my advertising here private.  I’ve had less than successful attempts at doing that in the past.  What would you like to see in advertisement options?  What would make you want to advertise here?  What prices would convince you to purchase a link here?  Feel free to comment as anon if you feel you can’t be honest using your real name. (or that I might be offended and not like you anymore 😉 )