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Well, I guess the proverbial cat is out of the bag. Tom and I have put our collective heads together and are working on a new project. It’s pretty stealth at the moment, but we’re looking to focus much closer to home than we do with most of the sites that we have currently. The idea is to create a nice community site. I don’t want to give much more away and I won’t link it just yet. Not that a link would do anygood right now as all that there is is a one page picture. 😉

I’ve worked with Jake and Brady on Supergeek for going on a year, and with them and Joseph on Distro of the month for just a hair over a year, so I figured it was about time to start something with someone else. Variety is the spice of life. 😉

Keep your eyes open for some more hints as Tom and I formulate more and more ideas and start making them a little more real.

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Physical media doomed?

Tom at Webfeed Central made mention of all of the conventional music stores that have been closing lately. Our own Sam Goody here in Jamestown is one of those. The question raised is whether the usage of iPods and iTunes and the like is the reason for the closings.

My answer is yes. Yes the increased usage of online media delivery has decreased the usage of physical media. If I can legally download a song, and am able to transfer it to my iPod or Zen or whatever I have and listen to it as often as I want, I will. Convenience is key. The CD overcame the cassette tape for many reasons, but one of the strongest ones is the fact that it is more convenient to find a track by skipping directly too it rather than fast forwarding or reversing and hoping you get the right place. Downloadable Digital media is more convienent than CD’s. The usage of DRM software still needs to be fixed before the digital media takes over the CD media, but it is on its way.

The other Question raised was whether physical media such as CD’s and DVD’s are on the endangered species list. I think so. Again, the advances in downloading capabilites and other digital delivery methods will eventually push the CD’s and DVD’s the way of the 8-track.

Just because digital media usage has increased does not mean that the physical stores need close. If the RIAA and others would see the light and the ability of digital media we could see the revolution in half the time. Imagine going into your local Sam Goody and picking out that new album or movie, purchasing it at the counter, and having the salesperson download it onto a flash stick and put it in your bag. Now that’s my kind of purchase. I’m ok with DRM even. As long as it is used properly. I want to buy a song and have the ability to use it in three of my devices. I can do that with a CD. I should be able to do that with other albums.

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Great Jamestown Fire of 2005 Aftermath photos

Brady over at has some great photos that were taken a few minutes ago of the aftermath of the fire in Jamestown, ND.

Amazing to think that I just drove by that building yesterday and it was still there and now it’s this pile of rubble.

Aftermath on

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The Great Jamestown Fire of 2005

Jamestown, ND

A local Photography shop, King’s Photography, caught fire this morning. Estimates put the start of the fire at nearly 2:00(or 3:00)am CDT. The fire quickly engulfed the building and by the time I managed to get out of bed and start for work at 7:00 am the smoke could be seen from pretty much everywhere. As we approached the building, the police and fire department had the streets blocked off for several blocks in all directions. From what I could see, the building that held King’s Photography is no more. Plenty of rubble all around, but no building. There was/is a antique store and a large furniture store to the west of the building and a large office supply store to the north. I imagine that there is damage of some sort to all the buildings surrounding the burned building.

Update: There are at least 3-4 store fronts that are either gone or extremely damaged. There were 3 apartments on the second floor and approximately 3-4 business offices as well. All Gone. Luckily, there doesn’t seem to be any injuries and the fire would seem to have been contained to just that building, however the water and smoke damage to the surrounding buildings must be horrible.

There are pictures of the fire and a first hand look here. As well as video here.

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