Kindle Publishing for Blogs Now Open for Everyone

I just got done signing up and publishing most of my blogs to the Kindle Publishing for blogs program.  It’s extremely easy to sign up, and even easier to add a blog.  There’s been a bit of talk about how there doesn’t seem to be any sort of ownership verification, so you could potentially claim any blog that has a feed.  I wouldn’t suggest doing that, as it is viewed as stealing and I can’t imagine that Amazon is going to treat people who do it maliciously very well.

If you do own a blog, however, go and sign up.  Add your blog(s).  It’s just another way to get your blog out there where people can read it and another way to monetize your blog.  Kindles are rediculously popular right now and are only showing signs of becoming more so.  The potential is pretty good and if you get in now while the pickings are slim, you just might get a few subscribers.

Here’s the link to sign up: Amazon Kindle Publishing for Blogs

It would seem that the blogs are being approved rather quickly but will still take up to 72 hours to appear in the Kindle store.  If you want to receive Thatedeguy on your Kindle, here’s the link: Thatedeguy on Kindle

Don’t have a Kindle yet?  Neither do I.  But we could buy a Kindle at Amazon.