Case of the Missing Pizza Crust Mix

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!  Court is in session.

Hear here a woeful tale of a Pizza Crust mix lost to us all and an adorable puppy grown into a vicious pizza crust and baking powder destroyer.

In court today, the defendant, Lightning.  The people allege that, on November 24th 2008 the defendant, Lightning, did willfully and maliciously remove said Pizza Crust Mix  and Baking Powder can from the pantry.  Defendant is also charged with the removal of a can of chicken with the intention of consumption.  What does the defendant have to say for himself?

Bark!  Bark!  Ruff!  *Wagging tail* *bounce* *bounce*

Peoples evidence:
One Chebe pizza crust mix; Opened/Mangled

One can of Baking Powder; Opened/Mangled
One can of Chicken; Unopened but removed

People's Exhibit A

Exhibit A

Peoples Exhibit B

Exhibit B

The people rest their case.

Sentencing to commence immediately.

Sentence: To be carried out immediately; Firm reprimand and immediate expulsion to the back yard for undetermined amount of time not to exceed 30 minutes.  Parole with supervision for remaining lunch hour with unsupervised parole for remainder of work day.

Another day filled with justice!

New Addition Coming

It would seem that my wife has convinced me to add to the family.  We’ll be adding another of the four legged children in the next week or so.  Here’s a sneak peak…
Lightning the Golden Retriever

He’ll be coming home the weekend of the 18th! He’s a pretty cute little guy and is already pretty big so might end up being a bit bigger than I would like. But they say that you should let the dog pick you instead of the other way around and this one seemed to make it’s way from our son to my wife and then to me. So, he got the magical collar and is getting his shots and such this weekend. We’ve had a string of dogs from the humane society that have all been adult dogs, so it could be interesting to have a puppy around again. We’ll have to see how Connor takes his toys getting chewed upon.