Blogrush as Sales Tool?

John Chow has an interesting post about how you can control the headlines that the BlogRush program displays.  The way he does it is with a static rss file that contains one “post” that has a custom title and links to whatever it is that you want to push at that time.  When you sign up your blog, you give BlogRush the static rss as the feed location and it always displays that one “post.”

Sounds pretty cool for increasing click through to your blog, but it got me thinking as well.  Why couldn’t you use it as a sales tool?  If you were to add a new “blog” for each item and give them a corresponding static rss for each, you could effectively use it as a advertising venue much like adwords.

Say I wanted to push Text Link Ads and try and reap the benefits with the $25 referral revenue.  I would simply add a blog to my blogrush account that had a catchy title like “Make Hundreds a Month with Text Links!” and that linked to my redirected affiliate link.  When someone clicks through to that “blog” they would then be routed through to the sign-up for TLA.  The same could be done for any affiliate item.  Cameras, Blogging programs, etc.

Of course, it’s a gross perversion of the use of the program.  If only a fraction of the users were to use the program in this way, it would quickly get discarded as a worthless addition to any site and go the way of the dodo.  As a blogger who was using the program as it was designed, I would be slightly unhappy with giving out free advertising to affiliate programs without getting any revenue from it.

Another issue that would have to be solved would be to find a way to get enough credits to keep an advertising program like this going.  You could do most of it with your MLM referral credits.   That would demand that you have a rather large referral downline.  It is possible for people like John Chow or Shoemoney, but most of the small fish like myself would have a hard time getting it done.

Yet another reason that I’m not signing up for BlogRush though.

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Get $25 free from AuctionAds!

Auction ads is giving away more money.  They just raised their referral % to 5% of referrals revenue, and now they are offering something much better.  If you sign up a new account for AuctionAds, they’ll credit your account with $25.  Free.  No strings attached.

What’s more, if you are already a publisher with AA, but have never gotten a payout, you can still get the $25.  I’m not sure if you’ll need to contact them for that, but the offer is there.  I’m not eligible since I received a payout earlier this year. (at the previous $25 payout threshold instead of the newer $50 threshold.)

If you’re in it for the 5%, the cookies last 30 days and you get the 5% for six months.  Pretty good deal really.

In my experience, AuctionAds has performed poorly here while performing semi-ok on some more product oriented sites.  Their ad filtering needs a little help, but does an ok job.  They’ve recently added some new, flashier ad formats and are supposedly in the process of adding some new sizes for those as well.

Bottom line is that if you have a product oriented site, you should really think about adding AuctionAds to your rotation.  It could pay off really well for you.  They pay out 100% of the eBay affiliate earnings and with the combined effort, you get anywhere between 25% and 50% of the sale.

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Income for August 2007

Let’s get right too it.  The following is the income from this and other sites earned in the month of August 2007.

  • TLA: $93.36
  • Adsense: $21.06
  • PayPerPost: $25.50
  • Linkworth: $37.93
  • Amazon: $7.55
  • AuctionAds: $0.35
  • ReviewMe: $21.00
  • Private link sales: $20.00
  • Kontera: $4.26
  • ClixGalore: $1.25

Grand Total: $232.26 (Compare to July 2007’s Income)

Of course, as before, these are the total incomes, not necessarily what will be sent to me.  Many of these sources have minimums for a check.  The best example of this is Adsense which only sends a check (or eft) when your earnings reach the $100 mark.  I just got a check from them this month, so it could be the end of the year before I see another from them.

Income was down this month.  Only by $64.74, but down nonetheless.  When you think about it, that’s really a pretty good % drop.  21.8% to be exact.  A little more than 1/5th of the monthly income.  The biggest things that happened this month were a drop in revenues from TLA.  They are still my biggest earner and it picked up at the end of the month so September should be better there.  Adsense was also down by about 1/3.  I made some tweaks to my rotations so Adsense impressions were down as well.  PayPerPost dropped drastically as well.  I’m a little picky as to which opportunities that I take, and there just wasn’t a great selection.  September should be even lighter for PPP.

AuctionAds continues to be a dissapointment.  I think it would do a lot better on more product oriented sites than what I’m running it on, but at $0.35 in August, it may be on it’s way out here.  Kontera may be out here as well.  After a month and a half, it’s performing poorly here, but has performed well on another site I’m running it on.  Well enough that I’ll likely keep it there for a while longer to see how it does.

You’ll also see that Amazon increased by over 100%.  All I have to say about that is that Text Books are great.

I’ve got a few other things in the works and I’m hoping to increase in September.  It looks good so far as TLA and Linkworth are both showing higher estimated numbers for September.

If you’d like to monetize your blog, you should check out my list of monetize your blog resources!

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Prosper Extends Referral Program

Prosper, the P2P lending site, has extended their referral program to now end at the end of the year.  It was originally scheduled to end September 1, but it obviously did very well.  I managed to squeak out a fair response for the program and really can’t find too much to say about it that’s poor.

The payouts are actually pretty generous as well.  For each referral, you can get one of two referral fees.  If the referral becomes a lender, you get a flat $25.  If the referral becomes a borrower, you get 0.5% of their first loan.  Of course, they have to become a lender or borrower within a set amount of time.  They have to sign up within the 30 day life of the cookie and then must become a lender or borrower within 90 days.

I’ve managed a fairly good response so far this year on this program.  What’s even better is that I’ve lent out the money I’ve made with them for an average rate of 22%.  It’s a little risky, but I figure it’s worth it to see my money grow at that kind of rate.  You’ve just got to be careful when picking the loans to fund.

If you think you’re site visitors will be even slightly interested in Prosper, I suggest giving it a try.

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