Agloco launches their toolbar

Agloco finally opened up the downloading of their toolbar for everyone. If you signed up for Agloco before, make sure you go and download the toolbar. I’ve been using it for about 2 days now and so far have found it to be fairly non-intrusive. I’d like it to have some sort of status bar that shows how much time you’ve logged on the bar, but otherwise it is not all that bad and I tend to forget it’s even there.

If you haven’t signed up for Agloco yet, take a minute to visit the site and see what it’s all about. You just might decide to give it a try like I did. If it works the way they say it will, the potential for money making is pretty good and it’s very nearly passive income. In fact if you normally surf the internet a lot anyways, it really is passive income.

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How I make my Money

It occurs to me that I’ve never really said exactly how my money from my websites comes to me and that some of you might be a little bit curious about it. So, listed below in order of magnitude, or how much I make from each, are the current sources of income for my websites.

  • Text Link Ads: I’ve been using TLA since about August of last year and I couldn’t recommend a better income stream. If you’re using wordpress, as I am, it’s extremely easy to insert their plugin and code to throw the links up. It is a little difficult to get into the program if your blog is new, but once you do, it can be very beneficial. Currently, about 2/3 of my income comes from this source.
  • Google Adsense: I honestly don’t remember a time when I wasn’t using Adsense on my sites. It’s fairly easy to implement, needing only the insertion of code into your template and the payout is probably the easiest as it’s self customizing to your site. That being said, the eCPM or earnings per 1000 viewers, is rather low in comparison with some of the other streams I run. Even so, Adsense comes in at just under the other 1/3 of my income.
  • AuctionAds : These guys are a relative newcomer on the market. I’ve only been using them for a little under one month and already they have passed my lowest income generator. I think as time goes on and I find new ways to integrate the ads into my sites, I should begin to see this number climb and possibly pass adsense.
  • Commission Junction: CJ is one of the largest affiliate networks and has a really decent system for signing up and getting the links for the affiliate companies. They’ve got some pretty high profile clients and I can’t complain about anything they’ve done. Unfortunately, I’m not much of an affiliate marketer just yet so am not making much of anything through them.
  • Amazon: You’ll notice that I have an amazon banner on the left hand side of this page and I usually try and insert the affiliate code whenever I talk about a book. I don’t push it nearly hard enough to make any decent income off of it, but I do make money from it. Enough to receive a check about twice a year. Which isn’t much.

At the moment, those are the main income streams for my websites. I’ve got a few others that I run on a couple of sites that I either haven’t made any money with or haven’t gotten a check from so I didn’t count them as an income source.

Of course the first thing you’ll notice is that four sources isn’t as diversified as I could/should be. I completely agree. If either TLA or Adsense dropped out on me, it would make an impressive dent in my income. I don’t count on the income, but it is nice to have so I would rather not lose any of it. For that reason, I’ve been attempting to learn more about affiliate income, but so far have had little to no good results. I also am thinking of making a few changes here on thatedeguy in those regards. I make little to nothing off of adsense here so I may begin trying to implement an auctionads block instead and see if that does any good.

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This is a paid post…

No.  I am not being paid to write this post.  Specifically.  I am however being paid by the ads on the left and right sidebars.  I’ve been running those ads in one form or another since the beginning of this blog.  It hasn’t changed and it most likely wont.  I make a little over $100 a month off of this site and I have others that make more and less.  As a result of that, each and every one of my posts is a “sponsored” post.

That being said, please do not think that I will care much when you contact me complaining about my having done two paid posts through the reviewme service in three days(elsewhere).  Also, I’m not really bothered by the fact that you are “removing” my feed from your feed reader.  If there were a door in this place we call cyberspace, I would gladly show it to you and even be nice enough to make sure it didn’t hit you on your ass on the way out.

You see, every post I write is a paid post.  The fact that I make a little bit more off of a Reviewme post than I do off of a normal one doesn’t make it any more of a paid post than this one.  I’ve monetized my blog and I’m happy with it and the resulting income that I receive for my time.

Any Questions?

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eBay Contextual ads coming soon

Auction giant eBay announced that they will soon be rolling out a contextual ad service that will feature eBay auctions.  Contextualized by the keywords on a publishers page, the ads will then show relevant auctions on eBay.  A tech site, for instance, might show ads for used iPods.

Unlike Adsense and YPN, eBay Adcontext will pay publishers based on resulting sales instead of clicks.  The payment will be decided by the purchase price and will be in the range of 40-70 percent of the sale.

This could be a double boon for some of us.  Publishers like myself could see an added bit of revenue from a new model and eBay sellers like myself could see an added bit of traffic to our auctions resulting in higher sell rates and possibly higher final values.

There are a couple of  questions burning in my head right now that will need clarification if this is going to take off.

  1. Both Adsense and YPN have TOS’s that require a publisher to not have any other contextual ads running on the site.  Will a contextual ad that only links to eBay, a place where neither Adsense or YPN go, violate those TOS’s?
  2. eBay also announced and rolled out it’s eBay Express product recently.  Will the only auctions that get ads be the ones in eBay Express? Or, more importantly, what will be the determining factor in which auctions get top billing and which don’t?
  3. Will fixed price auctions be included?  How about Store Inventory?
  4. Will the ads be cookied?  Or, rather, will someone that clicks through but makes the purchase later still count for me?  I can see this being a major glitch if it doesn’t work this way.
  5. Will payment be made by PayPal?  I can only assume so.  That’s ok with me, just asking. 😉

Is there anyone from eBay, Google, or YPN out there that can answer those?  I’m sure it will come out soon enough, but inquiring minds want to know.

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