A new Transformers trailer

I keep getting more and more excited to see this movie every time I see a new trailer for it. Things to look for in this kick butt trailer:
Aerial transforming…
Skating transformer…
Optimus Prime in all his shining glory getting ready to kick some butt…

I can’t wait. July 4th is opening.

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Review: Clerks II

Clerks II (Two-Disc Widescreen Edition)Clerks II(2)It’s been 10 years since the first Clerks(aff) came out. Kevin Smith decided that it was time to head “back to the well” and make a second one. He maybe should have left well enough alone and done something different.

It was nice to revisit the characters from the first Clerks, but the jokes were the same, just reworded and the situation wasn’t much different. Of course, they do have a bit of a happy ending.

The movie starts off in the original black and white from the first movie and also ends in it, but the rest is in color. One of the reasons that I like watching Kevin’s movies is that they all tie together in some way. For instance, the boys from the first Clerks work at the Mooby’s that the characters visit in Dogma. There are numerous other tie ins with the multiple other movies that Kevin has done. Clerks 2(aff) is worth watching for that reason if you’re a Kevin Smith fan, but don’t expect to watch a really good, ground breaking movie. It really is just a regurgitated Clerks. And maybe that’s ok since it is a sequel, but it could have been upgraded a bit besides just adding color.

Overall, I’d give the movie a C-/D+. It definitely deserves it’s R rating also, so don’t go letting your kids watch it unless you’re comfortable with them watching some rather raunchy stuff and hearing equal language.

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