Inquirer Goes Overboard

The news in the tech world this morning is that of the murder-suicide of “Spam King” Eddie Davidson.  It’s a sad event.  Mr. Davidson fatally shot his wife and three year old daughter and wounded a teenage girl (who may or may not be his daughter, I can’t tell from any of the stories) before turning the gun on himself and killing himself.  How anyone could be excited about such an event is beyond me.

Charlie Demerjian of the Inquirer is though.

NOT ALL STORIES have a happy ending, but the tale of escaped spam king Edward “Eddie” Davidson sure does. After walking away from prison, he got a gun, killed his family, then killed himself.

While it is hard not to feel bad for his brutally murdered wife and child, not to mention his wounded daughter, Eddie’s suicide itself is the stuff of happy thoughts.

“the stuff of happy thoughts.”?  WTF?  What kind of sick, twisted person gets happy thoughs from someone killing themself?  I don’t care if the guy was Hitler reborn, his death is not a happy event.  We have a justice system for a purpose.  And just because your email box is filled with spam, Charlie, does not make it a crime punishable by death.

I’d like a retraction from the Inquisitor as well as the resignation of Mr. Demerjian.  The first amendment doesn’t cover hate material, and that article is just that in my eyes.

Mr. Demerjian obviously has some rage issues about spam.  Maybe he was slighted by the little blue pills that didn’t work?  Hard to say, but lets hope he gets a little help for his rage before he goes homicidal and goes the way of the “Spam King”.

It doesn’t seem like I’m the only one that thinks that Charlie’s article goes too far.  The Register calls him out too.

P.S. I’m not linking to the Inquirer article.  I won’t lend to the filth.  If you insist on reading it, the article from the Register has a link to it.