Online Income for March 2008

After a pretty flat February (only increased by $2.62), I can’t help but be a little impressed with my March.  Whether it’s the posting schedule (I don’t think it was) or just some of the changes I’ve been made (not that either.  at least not wholly.), or maybe some random mix of those and several other items, March was a pretty darn good month.  Not only that, but it put me over the threshold on many of the accounts, so I should be receiving some pretty nice checks in the coming days.  So, here’s the numbers for March 2008:

  • TLA: $43.66
  • Adsense: $225.00
  • LinkWorth: $49.00
  • Amazon: $36.54
  • CJ: $25.90
  • Kontera: $56.23
  • Shareasale: $27.92
  • ClixGalore: $22.00

Grand Total: $486.28

That’s good for an increase of $148.39, or 43.92% over February.   I’ll take it.  So, why the increase?  TLA is up a little on account of me lowering the price of one of my properties (not this one.  I don’t use TLA here anymore) enough to sell out the spots.  Quantity wins over quality there.  Adsense is up, but mostly just on increased traffic and a little bit of a CPC increase.  I don’t attribute the increase in traffic to the posting schedule here only because the traffic increased almost everywhere.  I’ve been doing a little extra SEO and I’d like to think that that is what caused the increase.  My guess it it’s just fickle ol’ Googley Moogely again.

Amazon is up, but February was a horrible month for Amazon, so that isn’t saying much.  A couple of higher ticket items certainly helped there though.  CJ came through with yet another of the sporadic commissions that I seem to pick up here and there.  Not regular by any means, but again, I’ll take it.  Kontera keeps rising after a pretty precipitous drop after December.  Up over the $50 mark this month which would be nice to keep going.  Shareasale increased from $0 last month to $27.92 this month.  All on one sale.  The funny thing there is that the sale was from a PPC campaign that ended on February 13th.  The only other major increase comes from ClixGalore.  The reward there nearly doubled from $1.25 per signup to $2 per.  That and an overall increase in sign ups and you get a pretty nice number for a banner that I haven’t touched in forever.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with this month.  The increases are nice to see and I really am hopeful that I will be able to continue them on into April.  There are still quite a few things that I would like to continue improving and hopefully that will help me increase those numbers each month.  I’d really like to see myself over the $500/ month mark consistently in the next Quarter.  I think it can be done, but only with some more work on my part.

Here’s to March!  On to April!

Online Income for February 2008

For being a short month, February still turned into a decent month.  Still not what I would like it to be, but good nonetheless.  Slightly better than January, which is good since I expected to continue the holiday drop off.  Here’s the numbers:

  • TLA: $34.63
  • Adsense: $180.33
  • Linkworth: $49.00
  • Amazon: $14.76
  • Kontera: $48.47
  • ClixGalore: $10.25

Grand Total: $337.44

That’s an increase of $2.17  or 0.65% over January.  Like I said, I was expecting the continuation of a drop off from the holiday sales peak, but that didn’t happen to much.  You’ll see that Amazon sales dropped a little, but that was accentuated by a few returns and March is looking good already.  Kontera is back up where I would expect it to be and ClixGalore did well this month.  Another small surprise is the increase in TLA income.  Though slight, it’s more than I expected this month.  I quit using them here on this site, but one of the other sites actually sold a majority of it’s inventory after I lowered the price a smidge.

Overall, I’m happy with February’s results.  It should be interesting to see the affect of all the hullaballoo going on here in March on the income.  I’m hoping for some increases, but we’ll see.

Income for November 2007

I’d like to say that I made an increase over October’s numbers, but I can’t.  The loss of the $100 in private reviews dropped me in below the October total.  I did however see a pretty good increase over September.

  • TLA: $76.24
  • Adsense: $89.59
  • PayPerPost: $17.00
  • Linkworth: $49.00
  • Amazon: $19.02
  • CJ: $5.76
  • Auction Ads: $7.11
  • Review Me: $21.00
  • Kontera: $47.41
  • ClixGalore: $3.75

Grand Total: $335.88.  That’s a decrease of 8.3% or $30.39 from October.  As you’ll likely notice, the TLA income has decreased again this month.  I think part of that is the Google fallout and the other part is the saturation of the market and the availability of cheaper sources.  The big surprise this month was the huge increase in Adsense.  An over $50 increase.  I’ve made a few changes, including putting some blocks in post on a few of my more popular search posts.  December is already looking like a good month for Adsense.  Another big jumper was Kontera.  A $30 increase there.  I continue to be surprised and delighted with my returns on that program.

December is already looking like a good month.  Adsense looks on track to keep up with November or possibly surpass it.  I can’t help but expect Kontera to increase again. At some point it will have to level out, but it shows no signs of that just yet.  I also added a third site to the Kontera network late in November, so that could help out if it performs as well as the other two sites have.

PayPerPost continues to disappoint so I think I’ll be dropping that program.  It’s just way too much work for way too little reward.  I made over $80 with it my first month, $25 my second month and have yet to get over $20 since then.  It really requires almost hourly checking to catch the better posts and that’s just a little too much for me when the payouts are that low.

November, December and January are traditionally the best months for the online realm so I expect December to be a pretty good month for me.  I’m trying out a few other things that hopefully will pay off.  Some arbitrage and some further development of some other assets.

Good luck to everybody for the holiday season!