Do You Outsource?

This is something I’ve been thinking about quite a bit recently.  As my portfolio of sites increases, I find that I have a really hard time keeping up with content creation.  Sure, if I had about 4 more hours in the day, I might be able to keep up.  But, I don’t, so I don’t.  Which is where the idea of outsourcing comes in.

It’s pretty simple (in theory) really.  You just hire someone else to write a couple of your blog posts for you.  You get the content, they get money.  Everybody is happy.  Of course, the biggest problem here, is that you have to pay them.  So, if all you’re doing is running a few hobby sites, that aren’t really monetized, it doesn’t make any sense to do it.  But, if you have a site that is monetized and that traffic converts for, you almost can’t go wrong.

Don’t believe me?  Maybe a short video by John Reese will convince you.  He’s an uber-marketer.  One of the truly big boys.  He’s got a new program coming up that he’s calling OutsourceForce.  I have no idea what it will all entail as he hasn’t really given out much detail yet.  But, he did release a video on the basics of outsourcing and why you would want to do it.  Go take a look.  You only have to give up an email address to watch it and it’s pretty inspiring.

In fact, I think I might do a little more work on getting some outsourcing set up.

Disclaimer: In case you didn’t figure it out, the links to the OutsourceForce website are affiliate links.  If you sign up and then end up purchasing the program, I will receive a cut of that.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go watch the video though.  It really is that good.