Who’s Teaching Who?

Part of my day job (a small part really) is to take some continuing education type modules that are meant to help all of the staff where I work to learn the basics of our industry along with the basics of phone answering and computer usage.  I’ve had several jobs that have had similar programs (Radio Shack comes to mind) and with all of them, there is some degree of antiquatedness to be expected.  Many of the computer manuals, for instance, still talk about 28.8 bps modems.  The more updated ones usually will talk about 56k modems and maybe even a quick blurb about the emerging “broadband” technologies.  The one I was working on recently even talked about the UseNet system!

But what really got me was the following bit of text:


Can you spot the glaring errors in that paragraph?  I’ll give you a hint.  Intel is the manufacturer of the Pentium and Celeron CPUs, not a competitor with them.  And they never have been.  Intel made, makes and will make the Pentium and Celeron brand CPUs.

And this is a educational module for our staff.  So, I ask again, who’s teaching who? (whom?)

*if you’re curious, Intel introduced the Pentium chip in 1993 and the Celeron chip in 1998.  Coincidentally, 1998 is the year that I purchased my first personal PC (not owned by my parents) and it had a Intel Celeron 333.  Very high tech at the time. 🙂